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Raphaël Pugin
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Amphiphilic dendrimers: novel self-assembling vectors for efficient gene delivery
D Joester, M Losson, R Pugin, H Heinzelmann, E Walter, HP Merkle, ...
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Tuning the Dimensions and Periodicities of Nanostructures Starting from the Same Polystyrene‐block‐poly(2‐vinylpyridine) Diblock Copolymer
S Krishnamoorthy, R Pugin, J Brugger, H Heinzelmann, C Hinderling
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Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Thin Films Densely Grafted onto Gold Surface: Preparation, Characterization, and Dynamic AFM Study of Temperature-Induced Chain …
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Fabrication of nanopore arrays and ultrathin silicon nitride membranes by block-copolymer-assisted lithography
AM Popa, P Niedermann, H Heinzelmann, JA Hubbell, R Pugin
Nanotechnology 20 (48), 485303, 2009
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