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Protein production and purification
Architecture et Fonction des Macromolécules Biologiques Vincentelli Renaud 4 ...
Nature methods 5 (2), 135-146, 2008
Principles for designing ideal protein structures
N Koga, R Tatsumi-Koga, G Liu, R Xiao, TB Acton, GT Montelione, ...
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Codon influence on protein expression in E. coli correlates with mRNA levels
G Boël, R Letso, H Neely, WN Price, KH Wong, M Su, JD Luff, M Valecha, ...
Nature 529 (7586), 358-363, 2016
Structural basis for suppression of a host antiviral response by influenza A virus
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Determination of solution structures of proteins up to 40 kDa using CS-Rosetta with sparse NMR data from deuterated samples
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Molecular insights into substrate recognition and catalysis by tryptophan 2, 3-dioxygenase
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Understanding the physical properties that control protein crystallization by analysis of large-scale experimental data
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Computational design of catalytic dyads and oxyanion holes for ester hydrolysis
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Biophysical characterization of the complex between double-stranded RNA and the N-terminal domain of the NS1 protein from influenza A virus: evidence for a novel RNA-binding mode
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UNC119 is required for G protein trafficking in sensory neurons
H Zhang, R Constantine, S Vorobiev, Y Chen, J Seetharaman, YJ Huang, ...
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Solution NMR structure of the iron–sulfur cluster assembly protein U (IscU) with zinc bound at the active site
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Robotic cloning and protein production platform of the Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium
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NMR data collection and analysis protocol for high-throughput protein structure determination
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The high-throughput protein sample production platform of the Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium
R Xiao, S Anderson, J Aramini, R Belote, WA Buchwald, C Ciccosanti, ...
Journal of structural biology 172 (1), 21-33, 2010
Mitochondrial COQ9 is a lipid-binding protein that associates with COQ7 to enable coenzyme Q biosynthesis
DC Lohman, F Forouhar, ET Beebe, MS Stefely, CE Minogue, A Ulbrich, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (44), E4697-E4705, 2014
Principles for designing proteins with cavities formed by curved β sheets
E Marcos, B Basanta, TM Chidyausiku, Y Tang, G Oberdorfer, G Liu, ...
Science 355 (6321), 201-206, 2017
Two Fe-S clusters catalyze sulfur insertion by radical-SAM methylthiotransferases
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A microscale protein NMR sample screening pipeline
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Localization of enzymically enhanced heavy metal accumulation by Citrobacter sp. and metal accumulation in vitro by liposomes containing entrapped enzyme
BC Jeong, C Hawes, KM Bonthrone, LE Macaskie
Microbiology 143 (7), 2497-2507, 1997
Comparisons of NMR spectral quality and success in crystallization demonstrate that NMR and X-ray crystallography are complementary methods for small protein structure …
DA Snyder, Y Chen, NG Denissova, T Acton, JM Aramini, M Ciano, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (47), 16505-16511, 2005
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