Prof. Sarah Bray
Prof. Sarah Bray
Professor of Developmental BIology
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Notch signalling: a simple pathway becomes complex
SJ Bray
Nature reviews Molecular cell biology 7 (9), 678-689, 2006
Notch signalling in context
SJ Bray
Nature reviews Molecular cell biology 17 (11), 722-735, 2016
Feed-back mechanisms affecting Notch activation at the dorsoventral boundary in the Drosophila wing
JF De Celis, S Bray
Development 124 (17), 3241-3251, 1997
Activation and function of Notch at the dorsal-ventral boundary of the wing imaginal disc
JF Celis, A Garcia-Bellido, SJ Bray
Development 122 (1), 339-369, 1996
The Notch signalling pathway is required for Enhancer of split bHLH protein expression during neurogenesis in the Drosophila embryo
B Jennings, A Preiss, C Delidakis, S Bray
Development 120 (12), 3537-3548, 1994
A model Notch response element detects Suppressor of Hairless–dependent molecular switch
M Furriols, S Bray
Current Biology 11 (1), 60-64, 2001
Notch signalling inDrosophila: three ways to use a pathway
S Bray
Seminars in cell & developmental biology 9 (6), 591-597, 1998
Frizzled regulation of Notch signalling polarizes cell fate in the Drosophila eye
MTD Cooper, SJ Bray
Nature 397 (6719), 526-530, 1999
Notch signalling mediates segmentation of the Drosophila leg
JF de Celis, DM Tyler, J Celis, SJ Bray
Development 125 (23), 4617-4626, 1998
Developmental function of Elf-1: an essential transcription factor during embryogenesis in Drosophila.
SJ Bray, FC Kafatos
Genes & development 5 (9), 1672-1683, 1991
Notch signalling regulates veinlet expression and establishes boundaries between veins and interveins in the Drosophila wing
JF Celis, S Bray, A Garcia-Bellido
Development 124 (10), 1919-1928, 1997
Notch pathway: making sense of suppressor of hairless
S Bray, M Furriols
Current Biology 11 (6), R217-R221, 2001
Notch activation stimulates transient and selective binding of Su (H)/CSL to target enhancers
A Krejčí, S Bray
Genes & development 21 (11), 1322-1327, 2007
Functional relationships between Notch, Su(H) and the bHLH genes of the E(spl) complex: the E(spl) genes mediate only a subset of Notch activities during …
JF de Celis, J Celis, P Ligoxygakis, A Preiss, C Delidakis, S Bray
Development 122 (9), 2719-2728, 1996
Notch targets and their regulation
S Bray, F Bernard
Current topics in developmental biology 92, 253-275, 2010
Direct response to Notch activation: signaling crosstalk and incoherent logic
A Krejčí, F Bernard, BE Housden, S Collins, SJ Bray
Science signaling 2 (55), ra1-ra1, 2009
Asymmetric localization of frizzled and the determination of notch-dependent cell fate in the Drosophila eye
D Strutt, R Johnson, K Cooper, S Bray
Current Biology 12 (10), 813-824, 2002
Role of conserved intracellular motifs in Serrate signalling, cis‐inhibition and endocytosis
M Glittenberg, C Pitsouli, C Garvey, C Delidakis, S Bray
The EMBO journal 25 (20), 4697-4706, 2006
The Abruptex domain of Notch regulates negative interactions between Notch, its ligands and Fringe
JF Celis, SJ Bray
Development 127 (6), 1291-1302, 2000
Histone chaperones ASF1 and NAP1 differentially modulate removal of active histone marks by LID-RPD3 complexes during NOTCH silencing
YM Moshkin, TW Kan, H Goodfellow, K Bezstarosti, RK Maeda, M Pilyugin, ...
Molecular cell 35 (6), 782-793, 2009
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