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An over review on recently developed techniques, mechanisms and intermediate involved in the advanced azo dye degradation for industrial applications
V Selvaraj, TS Karthika, C Mansiya, M Alagar
Journal of molecular structure 1224, 129195, 2021
Pt and Pt–Ru nanoparticles decorated polypyrrole/multiwalled carbon nanotubes and their catalytic activity towards methanol oxidation
V Selvaraj, M Alagar
Electrochemistry Communications 9 (5), 1145-1153, 2007
Synthesis and characterization of metal nanoparticles-decorated PPY–CNT composite and their electrocatalytic oxidation of formic acid and formaldehyde for fuel cell applications
V Selvaraj, M Alagar, KS Kumar
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 75 (1-2), 129-138, 2007
Electrolytic synthesis and characterizations of silver nanopowder
T Theivasanthi, M Alagar
arXiv preprint arXiv:1111.0260, 2011
Development and characterization of silicone/phosphorus modified epoxy materials and their application as anticorrosion and antifouling coatings
SA Kumar, T Balakrishnan, M Alagar, Z Denchev
Progress in Organic coatings 55 (3), 207-217, 2006
Synthesis and characterization of CdO and CdS nanoparticles
K Manickathai, SK Viswanathan, M Alagar
CSIR, 2008
Analytical detection and biological assay of antileukemic drug 5-fluorouracil using gold nanoparticles as probe
V Selvaraj, M Alagar
International journal of pharmaceutics 337 (1-2), 275-281, 2007
Conductive bio-polymer electrolyte iota-carrageenan with ammonium nitrate for application in electrochemical devices
V Moniha, M Alagar, S Selvasekarapandian, B Sundaresan, G Boopathi
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 481, 424-434, 2018
SBA-15 filled polybenzoxazine nanocomposites for low-k dielectric applications
MR Vengatesan, S Devaraju, K Dinakaran, M Alagar
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (15), 7559-7566, 2012
Studies of copper nanoparticles effects on micro-organisms
T Theivasanthi, M Alagar
arXiv preprint arXiv:1110.1372, 2011
Synthesis and characterization of siliconized epoxy-1, 3-bis (maleimido) benzene intercrosslinked matrix materials
AA Kumar, M Alagar, R Rao
Polymer 43 (3), 693-702, 2002
Nano sized copper particles by electrolytic synthesis and characterizations
T Theivasanthi, M Alagar
Int. J. Phys. Sci 6 (15), 3662-3671, 2011
Chemical capping synthesis of nickel oxide nanoparticles and their characterizations studies
T Theivasanthi, M Alagar
arXiv preprint arXiv:1212.4595, 2012
Electrocatalytic oxidation of ethylene glycol on Pt and Pt–Ru nanoparticles modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes
V Selvaraj, M Vinoba, M Alagar
Journal of colloid and interface science 322 (2), 537-544, 2008
Mechanical and thermal studies of intercross-linked networks based on siliconized polyurethane-epoxy/unsaturated polyester coatings
AA Prabu, M Alagar
Progress in organic coatings 49 (3), 236-243, 2004
Specific detection of Mycobacterium sp. genomic DNA using dual labeled gold nanoparticle based electrochemical biosensor
C Thiruppathiraja, S Kamatchiammal, P Adaikkappan, DJ Santhosh, ...
Analytical biochemistry 417 (1), 73-79, 2011
Octasilsesquioxane-reinforced DGEBA and TGDDM epoxy nanocomposites: characterization of thermal, dielectric and morphological properties
S Nagendiran, M Alagar, I Hamerton
Acta Materialia 58 (9), 3345-3356, 2010
Immobilization of human carbonic anhydrase on gold nanoparticles assembled onto amine/thiol-functionalized mesoporous SBA-15 for biomimetic sequestration of CO2
M Vinoba, KS Lim, SH Lee, SK Jeong, M Alagar
Langmuir 27 (10), 6227-6234, 2011
Thermo mechanical behaviour of unsaturated polyester toughened epoxy–clay hybrid nanocomposites
CK Chozhan, M Alagar, RJ Sharmila, P Gnanasundaram
Journal of Polymer Research 14, 319-328, 2007
Electrocatalytic oxidation of formic acid and formaldehyde on nanoparticle decorated single walled carbon nanotubes
V Selvaraj, AN Grace, M Alagar
Journal of colloid and interface science 333 (1), 254-262, 2009
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