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De novo cardiomyocytes from within the activated adult heart after injury
N Smart, S Bollini, KN Dubé, JM Vieira, B Zhou, S Davidson, D Yellon, ...
Nature 474 (7353), 640-644, 2011
Cardiac lymphatics are heterogeneous in origin and respond to injury
L Klotz, S Norman, JM Vieira, M Masters, M Rohling, KN Dubé, S Bollini, ...
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Resident cardiac progenitor cells: at the heart of regeneration
S Bollini, N Smart, PR Riley
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Human amniotic fluid-derived stem cells are rejected after transplantation in the myocardium of normal, ischemic, immuno-suppressed or immuno-deficient rat
A Chiavegato, S Bollini, M Pozzobon, A Callegari, L Gasparotto, J Taiani, ...
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Amniotic fluid stem cells improve survival and enhance repair of damaged intestine in necrotising enterocolitis via a COX-2 dependent mechanism
A Zani, M Cananzi, F Fascetti-Leon, G Lauriti, VV Smith, S Bollini, ...
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Amniotic fluid stem cells are cardioprotective following acute myocardial infarction
S Bollini, KK Cheung, J Riegler, X Dong, N Smart, M Ghionzoli, ...
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First characterization of human amniotic fluid stem cell extracellular vesicles as a powerful paracrine tool endowed with regenerative potential
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Neovascularization induced by porous collagen scaffold implanted on intact and cryoinjured rat hearts
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Production of arrays of cardiac and skeletal muscle myofibers by micropatterning techniques on a soft substrate
E Cimetta, S Pizzato, S Bollini, E Serena, P De Coppi, N Elvassore
Biomedical microdevices 11, 389-400, 2009
Re-activated adult epicardial progenitor cells are a heterogeneous population molecularly distinct from their embryonic counterparts
S Bollini, JMN Vieira, S Howard, KN Dube, GM Balmer, N Smart, PR Riley
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The regenerative role of the fetal and adult stem cell secretome
S Bollini, C Gentili, R Tasso, R Cancedda
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Thymosin β4-sulfoxide attenuates inflammatory cell infiltration and promotes cardiac wound healing
MA Evans, N Smart, KN Dubé, S Bollini, JE Clark, HG Evans, LS Taams, ...
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Different cardiovascular potential of adult-and fetal-type mesenchymal stem cells in a rat model of heart cryoinjury
L Iop, A Chiavegato, A Callegari, S Bollini, M Piccoli, M Pozzobon, ...
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Autologous transplantation of amniotic fluid-derived mesenchymal stem cells into sheep fetuses
SWS Shaw, S Bollini, KA Nader, A Gastadello, V Mehta, E Filppi, ...
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BRG1-SWI/SNF-dependent regulation of the Wt1 transcriptional landscape mediates epicardial activity during heart development and disease
JM Vieira, S Howard, C Villa del Campo, S Bollini, KN Dubé, M Masters, ...
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Testosterone antagonizes doxorubicin‐induced senescence of cardiomyocytes
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Human Bone Marrow-Derived CD133+ Cells Delivered to a Collagen Patch on Cryoinjured Rat Heart Promote Angiogenesis and Arteriogenesis
M Pozzobon, S Bollini, L Iop, P De Gaspari, A Chiavegato, CA Rossi, ...
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Human-induced pluripotent stem cell technology and cardiomyocyte generation: progress and clinical applications
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The human amniotic fluid stem cell secretome effectively counteracts doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity
E Lazzarini, C Balbi, P Altieri, U Pfeffer, E Gambini, M Canepa, L Varesio, ...
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 1-13, 2016
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