Taras Verkholyak
Taras Verkholyak
Institute for Condensed Matter Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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Dielectric, piezoelectric, and elastic properties of the Rochelle salt NaKC 4 H 4 O 6⋅ 4 H 2 O: A theory
RR Levitskii, IR Zachek, TM Verkholyak, AP Moina
Physical Review B 67 (17), 174112, 2003
Dynamic probes of quantum spin chains with the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction
O Derzhko, T Verkholyak, T Krokhmalskii, H Büttner
Physical Review B 73 (21), 214407, 2006
Dynamic properties of the spin-1 2 X Y chain with three-site interactions
T Krokhmalskii, O Derzhko, J Stolze, T Verkholyak
Physical Review B 77 (17), 174404, 2008
Magnetization process, bipartite entanglement, and enhanced magnetocaloric effect of the exactly solved spin-1/2 Ising-Heisenberg tetrahedral chain
J Strečka, O Rojas, T Verkholyak, ML Lyra
Physical Review E 89 (2), 022143, 2014
Spontaneous antiferromagnetic long-range order in the two-dimensional hybrid model of localized Ising spins and itinerant electrons
J Strečka, A Tanaka, L Čanová, T Verkholyak
Physical Review B 80 (17), 174410, 2009
Magnetism-driven ferroelectricity in spin-1 2 X Y chains
O Menchyshyn, V Ohanyan, T Verkholyak, T Krokhmalskii, O Derzhko
Physical Review B 92 (18), 184427, 2015
Realization of a spin- spatially anisotropic square lattice in a quasi-two-dimensional quantum antiferromagnet
L Lederová, A Orendáčová, J Chovan, J Strečka, T Verkholyak, ...
Physical Review B 95 (5), 054436, 2017
Exact solution for a quantum spin-1 2 Ising-Heisenberg orthogonal-dimer chain with Heisenberg intradimer and Ising interdimer interactions
T Verkholyak, J Strečka
Physical Review B 88 (13), 134419, 2013
Effect of the on-site interaction on the magnetic properties of an exactly solvable spin–electron system
L Gálisová, J Strečka, A Tanaka, T Verkholyak
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23 (17), 175602, 2011
Diversity of quantum ground states and quantum phase transitions of a spin- Heisenberg octahedral chain
J Strečka, J Richter, O Derzhko, T Verkholyak, K Karľová
Physical Review B 95 (22), 224415, 2017
Dynamic properties of quantum spin chains: Simple route to complex behavior
T Verkholyak, O Derzhko, T Krokhmalskii, J Stolze
Physical Review B 76 (14), 144418, 2007
Magnetic Signatures of Quantum Critical Points of the Ferrimagnetic Mixed Spin-(1/2, S) Heisenberg Chains at Finite Temperatures
J Strečka, T Verkholyak
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 187 (5), 712-718, 2017
Quantum phase transitions in the exactly solved spin-1/2 Heisenberg–Ising ladder
T Verkholyak, J Strečka
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 45 (30), 305001, 2012
Spin-1/2 chain magnetoelectric: Effect of zigzag geometry
O Baran, V Ohanyan, T Verkholyak
Physical Review B 98 (6), 064415, 2018
Magnetic properties of the quantum spin-XX diamond chain: the Jordan-Wigner approach
T Verkholyak, J Strečka, M Jaščur, J Richter
The European Physical Journal B 80 (4), 433-444, 2011
Role of piezoelectricity in dielectric response of Rochelle salt type crystals
RR Levitskii, IR Zachek, TM Verkholyak, AP Moina
Condensed Matter Physics, 2003
Cluster-based Haldane phases, bound magnon crystals and quantum spin liquids of a mixed spin-1 and spin-1/2 Heisenberg octahedral chain
K Karl'ová, J Strečka, T Verkholyak
Physical Review B 100 (9), 094405, 2019
Deformable spin-1 2 X X chain with three-site interactions at zero and finite temperatures
O Derzhko, T Krokhmalskii, J Stolze, T Verkholyak
Physical Review B 79 (9), 094410, 2009
Square-lattice s= 12XY model and the Jordan–Wigner fermions: the ground-state and thermodynamic properties
O Derzhko, T Verkholyak, R Schmidt, J Richter
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 320, 407-428, 2003
Exact ground states of a spin-1 2 Ising-Heisenberg model on the Shastry-Sutherland lattice in a magnetic field
T Verkholyak, J Strečka, F Mila, KP Schmidt
Physical Review B 90 (13), 134413, 2014
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