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Exploring local currents in molecular junctions
GC Solomon, C Herrmann, T Hansen, V Mujica, MA Ratner
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Organic radicals as spin filters
C Herrmann, GC Solomon, MA Ratner
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Ghost transmission: How large basis sets can make electron transport calculations worse
C Herrmann, GC Solomon, JE Subotnik, V Mujica, MA Ratner
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A Chirality-Based Quantum Leap
CD Aiello, JM Abendroth, M Abbas, A Afanasev, S Agarwal, AS Banerjee, ...
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Comparative analysis of local spin definitions
C Herrmann, M Reiher, BA Hess
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Large Magnetoresistance in Single-Radical Molecular Junctions
R Hayakawa, MA Karimi, J Wolf, T Huhn, MS Zöllner, C Herrmann, ...
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The Chameleonic Nature of Electron Transport through π-Stacked Systems
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Can Raman Optical Activity Separate Axial from Local Chirality? A Theoretical Study of Helical Deca‐Alanine
C Herrmann, K Ruud, M Reiher
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First-principles approach to vibrational spectroscopy of biomolecules
C Herrmann, M Reiher
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Trinuclear copper (II) complexes derived from schiff-base ligands based on a 6-amino-6-deoxyglucopyranoside: Structural and magnetic characterization
A Roth, J Becher, C Herrmann, H Görls, G Vaughan, M Reiher, D Klemm, ...
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Finding a needle in a haystack: direct determination of vibrational signatures in complex systems
C Herrmann, J Neugebauer, M Reiher
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T Weymuth, MP Haag, K Kiewisch, S Luber, S Schenk, CR Jacob, ...
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Insight into the Origin of Chiral-Induced Spin Selectivity from a Symmetry Analysis of Electronic Transmission
MS Zöllner, S Varela, E Medina, V Mujica, C Herrmann
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The electronic structure of the Tris (ethylene) complexes [M (C2H4) 3](M= Ni, Pd, and Pt): A combined experimental and theoretical study
N Hebben, HJ Himmel, G Eickerling, C Herrmann, M Reiher, V Herz, ...
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Cobalt-Catalyzed Hydrogenations via Olefin Cobaltate and Hydride Intermediates
S Sandl, TM Maier, NP van Leest, S Kröncke, U Chakraborty, ...
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The first photoexcitation step of ruthenium-based models for artificial photosynthesis highlighted by resonance Raman spectroscopy
C Herrmann, J Neugebauer, M Presselt, U Uhlemann, M Schmitt, S Rau, ...
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Spin states in polynuclear clusters: The [Fe2O2] core of the methane monooxygenase active site
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Designing organic spin filters in the coherent tunneling regime
C Herrmann, GC Solomon, MA Ratner
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Relevance of the electric-dipole-electric-quadrupole contribution to Raman optical activity spectra
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Spin–Spin interactions in polynuclear transition-metal complexes
M Podewitz, C Herrmann, A Malassa, M Westerhausen, M Reiher
Chemical Physics Letters 451 (4), 301-308, 2008
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