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Electron pockets in the Fermi surface of hole-doped high-Tc superconductors
D LeBoeuf, N Doiron-Leyraud, J Levallois, R Daou, JB Bonnemaison, ...
Nature 450 (7169), 533-536, 2007
Anomalous Criticality in the Electrical Resistivity of La2–xSrxCuO4
RA Cooper, Y Wang, B Vignolle, OJ Lipscombe, SM Hayden, Y Tanabe, ...
Science 323 (5914), 603-607, 2009
Spins in the vortices of a high-temperature superconductor
B Lake, G Aeppli, KN Clausen, DF McMorrow, K Lefmann, NE Hussey, ...
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A coherent three-dimensional Fermi surface in a high-transition-temperature superconductor
NE Hussey, M Abdel-Jawad, A Carrington, AP Mackenzie, L Balicas
Nature 425 (6960), 814-817, 2003
Universality of the Mott–Ioffe–Regel limit in metals
NE Hussey‖, K Takenaka, H Takagi
Philosophical Magazine 84 (27), 2847-2864, 2004
Quantum oscillations in an overdoped high-Tc superconductor
B Vignolle, A Carrington, RA Cooper, MMJ French, AP Mackenzie, ...
Nature 455 (7215), 952-955, 2008
Small Fermi Surface Pockets in Underdoped High Temperature Superconductors: <?format ?>Observation of Shubnikov–de Haas Oscillations in
AF Bangura, JD Fletcher, A Carrington, J Levallois, M Nardone, ...
Physical Review Letters 100 (4), 047004, 2008
Thermal conductivity across the phase diagram of cuprates: Low-energy quasiparticles and doping dependence of the superconducting gap
M Sutherland, DG Hawthorn, RW Hill, F Ronning, S Wakimoto, H Zhang, ...
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Two-Dimensional Fermi Liquid Behavior of the Superconductor Sr 2RuO 4
Y Maeno, K Yoshida, H Hashimoto, S Nishizaki, S Ikeda, M Nohara, ...
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Direct measurement of the upper critical field in cuprate superconductors
G Grissonnanche, O Cyr-Choinière, F Laliberté, S René de Cotret, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 3280, 2014
Phenomenology of the normal state in-plane transport properties of high-Tc cuprates
NE Hussey
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 20 (12), 123201, 2008
Fermi surface of superconducting LaFePO determined from quantum oscillations
AI Coldea, JD Fletcher, A Carrington, JG Analytis, AF Bangura, JH Chu, ...
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Electronic ground state of heavily overdoped nonsuperconducting
S Nakamae, K Behnia, N Mangkorntong, M Nohara, H Takagi, SJC Yates, ...
Physical Review B 68 (10), 100502, 2003
Bandwidth control in a perovskite-type -correlated metal I. Evolution of the electronic properties and effective mass
IH Inoue, O Goto, H Makino, NE Hussey, M Ishikawa
Physical Review B 58 (8), 4372, 1998
Anisotropic scattering and anomalous normal-state transport in a high-temperature superconductor
M Abdel-Jawad, MP Kennett, L Balicas, A Carrington, AP Mackenzie, ...
Nature Physics 2 (12), 821-825, 2006
Exponential Temperature Dependence of the Penetration Depth in Single Crystal
F Manzano, A Carrington, NE Hussey, S Lee, A Yamamoto, S Tajima
Physical review letters 88 (4), 047002, 2002
Normal-state magnetoresistance of
NE Hussey, AP Mackenzie, JR Cooper, Y Maeno, S Nishizaki, T Fujita
Physical Review B 57 (9), 5505, 1998
Low-energy quasiparticles in high-T c cuprates
NE Hussey
Advances in Physics 51 (8), 1685-1771, 2002
Gross violation of the Wiedemann–Franz law in a quasi-one-dimensional conductor
N Wakeham, AF Bangura, X Xu, JF Mercure, M Greenblatt, NE Hussey
Nature communications 2 (1), 396, 2011
Unconventional mass enhancement around the Dirac nodal loop in ZrSiS
S Pezzini, MR Van Delft, LM Schoop, BV Lotsch, A Carrington, ...
Nature Physics 14 (2), 178-183, 2018
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