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Characteristics of type I ELM energy and particle losses in existing devices and their extrapolation to ITER
A Loarte, G Saibene, R Sartori, D Campbell, M Becoulet, L Horton, T Eich, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 45 (9), 1549, 2003
Key ITER plasma edge and plasma–material interaction issues
G Federici, P Andrew, P Barabaschi, J Brooks, R Doerner, A Geier, ...
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The new SOLPS-ITER code package
S Wiesen, D Reiter, V Kotov, M Baelmans, W Dekeyser, AS Kukushkin, ...
Journal of nuclear materials 463, 480-484, 2015
Progress on the application of ELM control schemes to ITER scenarios from the non-active phase to DT operation
A Loarte, G Huijsmans, S Futatani, LR Baylor, TE Evans, DM Orlov, ...
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Plasma detachment in JET Mark I divertor experiments
A Loarte, RD Monk, JR Martín-Solís, DJ Campbell, AV Chankin, ...
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Pedestal stability comparison and ITER pedestal prediction
PB Snyder, N Aiba, M Beurskens, RJ Groebner, LD Horton, AE Hubbard, ...
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Principal physics developments evaluated in the ITER design review
RJ Hawryluk, DJ Campbell, G Janeschitz, PR Thomas, R Albanese, ...
Nuclear Fusion 49 (6), 065012, 2009
Characteristics and scaling of energy and particle losses during Type I ELMs in JET H-modes
A Loarte, M Becoulet, G Saibene, R Sartori, DJ Campbell, T Eich, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 44 (9), 1815, 2002
The influence of isotope mass, edge magnetic shear and input power on high density ELMy H modes in JET
G Saibene, LD Horton, R Sartori, B Balet, S Clement, GD Conway, ...
Nuclear Fusion 39 (9), 1133, 1999
Plasma confinement and transport
EJ Doyle, WA Houlberg, Y Kamada, V Mukhovatov, TH Osborne, ...
Nuclear Fusion 47 (6), S18, 2007
ELM control strategies and tools: status and potential for ITER
PT Lang, A Loarte, G Saibene, LR Baylor, M Becoulet, M Cavinato, ...
Nuclear Fusion 53 (4), 043004, 2013
Overview of the JET results in support to ITER
X Litaudon, S Abduallev, M Abhangi, P Abreu, M Afzal, KM Aggarwal, ...
Nuclear Fusion 57 (10), 102001, 2017
Improved performance of ELMy H-modes at high density by plasma shaping in JET
G Saibene, R Sartori, A Loarte, DJ Campbell, PJ Lomas, V Parail, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 44 (9), 1769, 2002
Transient heat loads in current fusion experiments, extrapolation to ITER and consequences for its operation
A Loarte, G Saibene, R Sartori, V Riccardo, P Andrew, J Paley, ...
Physica Scripta 2007 (T128), 222, 2007
Isotope scaling of the H mode power threshold on JET
E Righi, DV Bartlett, JP Christiansen, GD Conway, JG Cordey, ...
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Overview of the ITER EC upper launcher
MA Henderson, R Heidinger, D Strauss, R Bertizzolo, A Bruschi, ...
Nuclear fusion 48 (5), 054013, 2008
ELM energy and particle losses and their extrapolation to burning plasma experiments
A Loarte, G Saibene, R Sartori, M Becoulet, L Horton, T Eich, A Herrmann, ...
Journal of Nuclear Materials 313, 962-966, 2003
Overview of the JET preparation for deuterium–tritium operation with the ITER like-wall
E Joffrin, S Abduallev, M Abhangi, P Abreu, V Afanasev, M Afzal, ...
Nuclear Fusion 59 (11), 112021, 2019
Characterization of pedestal parameters and edge localized mode energy losses in the Joint European Torus and predictions for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor
A Loarte, G Saibene, R Sartori, T Eich, A Kallenbach, W Suttrop, ...
Physics of plasmas 11 (5), 2668-2678, 2004
DT fusion with ion cyclotron resonance heating in the JET tokamak
DFH Start, J Jacquinot, V Bergeaud, VP Bhatnagar, GA Cottrell, ...
Physical review letters 80 (21), 4681, 1998
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