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Plasticity of cultured mesenchymal stem cells: Switch from nestin‐positive to excitable neuron‐like phenotype
S Wislet‐Gendebien, G Hans, P Leprince, JM Rigo, G Moonen, B Rogister
Stem cells 23 (3), 392-402, 2005
Neurotransmitters as early signals for central nervous system development
L Nguyen, JM Rigo, V Rocher, S Belachew, B Malgrange, B Rogister, ...
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Eccentric muscle contractions: risks and benefits
S Hody, JL Croisier, T Bury, B Rogister, P Leprince
Frontiers in physiology 10, 442082, 2019
The functional diversity of Aurora kinases: a comprehensive review
E Willems, M Dedobbeleer, M Digregorio, A Lombard, PN Lumapat, ...
Cell division 13, 1-17, 2018
Regulation of neural markers nestin and GFAP expression by cultivated bone marrow stromal cells
S Wislet-Gendebien, P Leprince, G Moonen, B Rogister
Journal of Cell Science 116 (16), 3295-3302, 2003
Growth and fate of PSA-NCAM+ precursors of the postnatal brain
T Ben-Hur, B Rogister, K Murray, G Rougon, M Dubois-Dalcq
Journal of Neuroscience 18 (15), 5777-5788, 1998
Transcription impairment and cell migration defects in elongator-depleted cells: implication for familial dysautonomia
P Close, N Hawkes, I Cornez, C Creppe, CA Lambert, B Rogister, ...
Molecular cell 22 (4), 521-531, 2006
From neural stem cells to myelinating oligodendrocytes
B Rogister, T Ben-Hur, M Dubois-Dalcq
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 14 (4-5), 287-300, 1999
Proliferative generation of mammalian auditory hair cells in culture
B Malgrange, S Belachew, M Thiry, L Nguyen, B Rogister, ML Alvarez, ...
Mechanisms of development 112 (1-2), 79-88, 2002
Polysialylated neural cell adhesion molecule-positive CNS precursors generate both oligodendrocytes and Schwann cells to remyelinate the CNS after transplantation
HS Keirstead, T Ben-Hur, B Rogister, MT O’leary, M Dubois-Dalcq, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 19 (17), 7529-7536, 1999
Radial glia phenotype: origin, regulation, and transdifferentiation
G Chanas‐Sacre, B Rogister, G Moonen, P Leprince
Journal of neuroscience research 61 (4), 357-363, 2000
In vitro and in vivo activity of the nuclear factor-κB inhibitor sulfasalazine in human glioblastomas
PA Robe, M Bentires-Alj, M Bonif, B Rogister, M Deprez, H Haddada, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 10 (16), 5595-5603, 2004
Neuregulin signaling regulates neural precursor growth and the generation of oligodendrocytes in vitro
V Calaora, B Rogister, K Bismuth, K Murray, H Brandt, P Leprince, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 21 (13), 4740-4751, 2001
Neutrophil contribution to spinal cord injury and repair
V Neirinckx, C Coste, R Franzen, A Gothot, B Rogister, S Wislet
Journal of neuroinflammation 11, 1-9, 2014
Astrocytic and neuronal fate of mesenchymal stem cells expressing nestin
S Wislet-Gendebien, F Wautier, P Leprince, B Rogister
Brain research bulletin 68 (1-2), 95-102, 2005
Transforming growth factor β as a neuronoglial signal during peripheral nervous system response to injury
B Rogister, P Delree, P Leprince, D Martin, C Sadzot, B Malgrange, ...
Journal of neuroscience research 34 (1), 32-43, 1993
Nestin-positive mesenchymal stem cells favour the astroglial lineage in neural progenitors and stem cells by releasing active BMP4
S Wislet-Gendebien, F Bruyère, G Hans, P Leprince, G Moonen, ...
BMC neuroscience 5, 1-12, 2004
Concise review: adult mesenchymal stem cells, adult neural crest stem cells, and therapy of neurological pathologies: a state of play
V Neirinckx, C Coste, B Rogister, S Wislet-Gendebien
Stem cells translational medicine 2 (4), 284-296, 2013
Stem cell factor and mesenchymal and neural stem cell transplantation in a rat model of Huntington's disease
K Bantubungi, D Blum, L Cuvelier, S Wislet-Gendebien, B Rogister, ...
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 37 (3), 454-470, 2008
Puzzling out synaptic vesicle 2 family members functions
O Bartholome, P Van den Ackerveken, J Sánchez Gil, ...
Frontiers in molecular neuroscience 10, 148, 2017
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