Ignacio A. Martínez
Ignacio A. Martínez
UGent. MSCA-fellowship @ NEQLIQ LCP Group. ELIS Dpt.
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Brownian Carnot engine
IA Martinez, E Roldan, L Dinis, D Petrov, JMR Parrondo, R Rica
Nature Physics 12, 67-70, 2016
Universal features in the energetics of symmetry breaking
E Roldan, IA Martinez, JMR Parrondo, D Petrov
Nature Physics 10, 457-461, 2014
Colloidal heat engines: a review
IA Martinez, E Roldan, L Dinis, RA Rica
Soft Matter, 2017
Engineered swift equilibration of a Brownian particle
IA Martínez, A Petrosyan, D Guéry-Odelin, E Trizac, S Ciliberto
Nature Physics 12, 843–846, 2016
Adiabatic processes realized with a trapped Brownian particle
IA Martínez, É Roldán, L Dinis, D Petrov, RA Rica
Physical Review Letters 114 (12), 120601, 2015
Inferring broken detailed balance in the absence of observable currents
IA Martínez, G Bisker, JM Horowitz, JMR Parrondo
Nature communications 10 (1), 3542, 2019
Effective heating to several thousand kelvins of an optically trapped sphere in a liquid
IA Martinez, E Roldán, JMR Parrondo, D Petrov
Physical Review E 87 (3), 032159, 2013
Fast equilibrium switch of a micro mechanical oscillator
AL Cunuder, IA Martinez, A Petrosyan, D Guéry-Odelin, E Trizac, ...
Applied Physics Letters 109 (11), 113502, 2016
Realization of nonequilibrium thermodynamic processes using external colored noise
P Mestres, IA Martinez, A Ortiz-Ambriz, RA Rica, E Roldan
Physical Review E 90 (3), 032116, 2014
RecA Protein Plays a Role in the Chemotactic Response and Chemoreceptor Clustering of Salmonella enterica
A Mayola, O Irazoki, IA Martínez, D Petrov, F Menolascina, R Stocker, ...
PLOS ONE 9 (8), e105578, 2014
Thermodynamics at the microscale: From effective heating to the Brownian Carnot engine
L Dinis, IA Martínez, É Roldán, JMR Parrondo, RA Rica
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2016 (5), 054003, 2016
Back-focal-plane position detection with extended linear range for photonic force microscopy
IA Martínez, D Petrov
Applied optics 51 (25), 5973-5977, 2012
Energy Transfer between Colloids via Critical Interactions.
IA Martínez, C Devailly, A Petrosyan, S Ciliberto
Entropy 19 (2), 77, 2017
Arcsine laws in stochastic thermodynamics
AC Barato, É Roldán, IA Martínez, S Pigolotti
Physical review letters 121 (9), 090601, 2018
A simple technique based on a single optical trap for the determination of bacterial swimming pattern
IA Martínez, S Campoy, M Tort, M Llagostera, D Petrov
PLOS ONE 8 (4), e61630, 2013
Measuring kinetic energy changes in the mesoscale with low acquisition rates
É Roldán, IA Martínez, L Dinis, RA Rica
Applied Physics Letters 104, 234103, 2014
Force mapping of an optical trap using an acousto-optical deflector in a time-sharing regime
IA Martínez, D Petrov
Applied optics 51 (22), 5522-5526, 2012
Electrophoretic mobility of a growing cell studied by photonic force microscope
M Tonin, S Bálint, P Mestres, IA Martínez, D Petrov
Applied Physics Letters 97 (20), 203704, 2010
Plug and play anisotropy-based nanothermometers
SA Thompson, IA Martinez, P Haro-Gonzalez, A P. Adam, D Jaque, ...
ACS Photonics 5 (7), 2676-2681, 2018
Colored noise in the fluctuations of an extended DNA molecule detected by optical trapping
IA Martínez, S Raj, D Petrov
European Biophysics Journal 41, 99-106, 2012
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