Konstantin Konstantinov, PhD, MSc, Prof.
Konstantin Konstantinov, PhD, MSc, Prof.
University of Wollongong, ISEM, EIS Faculty
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Highly reversible lithium storage in spheroidal carbon‐coated silicon nanocomposites as anodes for lithium‐ion batteries
SH Ng, J Wang, D Wexler, K Konstantinov, ZP Guo, HK Liu
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 45 (41), 6896-6899, 2006
Comparison of GO, GO/MWCNTs composite and MWCNTs as potential electrode materials for supercapacitors
SH Aboutalebi, AT Chidembo, M Salari, K Konstantinov, D Wexler, HK Liu, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (5), 1855-1865, 2011
Scalable one‐step wet‐spinning of graphene fibers and yarns from liquid crystalline dispersions of graphene oxide: towards multifunctional textiles
R Jalili, SH Aboutalebi, D Esrafilzadeh, RL Shepherd, J Chen, ...
Advanced functional materials 23 (43), 5345-5354, 2013
High-performance multifunctional graphene yarns: toward wearable all-carbon energy storage textiles
SH Aboutalebi, R Jalili, D Esrafilzadeh, M Salari, Z Gholamvand, ...
ACS nano 8 (3), 2456-2466, 2014
Sulphur-polypyrrole composite positive electrode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries
J Wang, J Chen, K Konstantinov, L Zhao, SH Ng, GX Wang, ZP Guo, ...
Electrochimica Acta 51 (22), 4634-4638, 2006
Enhancement of the capacitance in TiO 2 nanotubes through controlled introduction of oxygen vacancies
M Salary, K Konstantinov, H Liu
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (13), 5128-5133, 2011
Graphene oxide dispersions: tuning rheology to enable fabrication
S Naficy, R Jalili, SH Aboutalebi, RA Gorkin III, K Konstantinov, PC Innis, ...
Materials Horizons 1 (3), 326-331, 2014
Conductivity improvements to spray-produced LiFePO4 by addition of a carbon source
SL Bewlay, K Konstantinov, GX Wang, SX Dou, HK Liu
Materials Letters 58 (11), 1788-1791, 2004
Organic solvent-based graphene oxide liquid crystals: a facile route toward the next generation of self-assembled layer-by-layer multifunctional 3D architectures
R Jalili, SH Aboutalebi, D Esrafilzadeh, K Konstantinov, SE Moulton, ...
Acs Nano 7 (5), 3981-3990, 2013
An all‐integrated anode via interlinked chemical bonding between double‐shelled–yolk‐structured silicon and binder for lithium‐ion batteries
Y Liu, Z Tai, T Zhou, V Sencadas, J Zhang, L Zhang, K Konstantinov, ...
Advanced materials 29 (44), 1703028, 2017
High-surface-area α-Fe 2 O 3/carbon nanocomposite: one-step synthesis and its highly reversible and enhanced high-rate lithium storage properties
SL Chou, JZ Wang, D Wexler, K Konstantinov, C Zhong, HK Liu, SX Dou
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (11), 2092-2098, 2010
Investigation of cobalt oxides as anode materials for Li-ion batteries
GX Wang, Y Chen, K Konstantinov, M Lindsay, HK Liu, SX Dou
Journal of Power Sources 109 (1), 142-147, 2002
Boosting potassium-ion batteries by few-layered composite anodes prepared via solution-triggered one-step shear exfoliation
Y Liu, Z Tai, J Zhang, WK Pang, Q Zhang, H Feng, K Konstantinov, Z Guo, ...
Nature Communications 9 (1), 3645, 2018
Application of nanostructured Ca doped CeO2 for ultraviolet filtration
L Truffault, MT Ta, T Devers, K Konstantinov, V Harel, C Simmonard, ...
Materials Research Bulletin 45 (5), 527-535, 2010
A highly ordered titania nanotube array as a supercapacitor electrode
M Salari, SH Aboutalebi, K Konstantinov, HK Liu
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (11), 5038-5041, 2011
Synthesis of vanadium pentoxide powders with enhanced surface-area for electrochemical capacitors
ZJ Lao, K Konstantinov, Y Tournaire, SH Ng, GX Wang, HK Liu
Journal of power sources 162 (2), 1451-1454, 2006
Physical and electrochemical properties of doped lithium iron phosphate electrodes
GX Wang, SL Bewlay, K Konstantinov, HK Liu, SX Dou, JH Ahn
Electrochimica Acta 50 (2-3), 443-447, 2004
A new energy storage system: Rechargeable potassium-selenium battery
Y Liu, Z Tai, Q Zhang, H Wang, WK Pang, HK Liu, K Konstantinov, Z Guo
Nano Energy 35, 36-43, 2017
Wearable energy-smart ribbons for synchronous energy harvest and storage
C Li, MM Islam, J Moore, J Sleppy, C Morrison, K Konstantinov, SX Dou, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 13319, 2016
Enhancement of the electrochemical capacitance of TiO 2 nanotube arrays through controlled phase transformation of anatase to rutile
M Salari, SH Aboutalebi, AT Chidembo, IP Nevirkovets, K Konstantinov, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14 (14), 4770-4779, 2012
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