Michał J. Winiarski
Michał J. Winiarski
Gdansk University of Technology
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New kagome prototype materials: discovery of , and
BR Ortiz, LC Gomes, JR Morey, M Winiarski, M Bordelon, JS Mangum, ...
Physical Review Materials 3 (9), 094407, 2019
Effect of electron count and chemical complexity in the Ta-Nb-Hf-Zr-Ti high-entropy alloy superconductor
F von Rohr, MJ Winiarski, J Tao, T Klimczuk, RJ Cava
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (46), E7144–E7150, 2016
Photocatalytic activity of nitrogen doped TiO2 nanotubes prepared by anodic oxidation: The effect of applied voltage, anodization time and amount of nitrogen dopant
P Mazierski, M Nischk, M Gołkowska, W Lisowski, M Gazda, MJ Winiarski, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 196, 77-88, 2016
Enhanced photocatalytic properties of lanthanide-TiO2 nanotubes: An experimental and theoretical study
P Mazierski, W Lisowski, T Grzyb, MJ Winiarski, T Klimczuk, A Mikołajczyk, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 205, 376-385, 2017
Photocatalytically Active TiO2/Ag2O Nanotube Arrays Interlaced with Silver Nanoparticles Obtained from the One-Step Anodic Oxidation of Ti–Ag Alloys
P Mazierski, A Malankowska, M Kobylański, M Diak, M Kozak, ...
ACS Catalysis 7 (4), 2753-2764, 2017
Effect of irradiation intensity and initial pollutant concentration on gas phase photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanotube arrays
P Mazierski, J Nadolna, W Lisowski, MJ Winiarski, M Gazda, M Nischk, ...
Catalysis Today 284, 19-26, 2017
Perovskite-type KTaO3-reduced graphene oxide hybrid with improved visible light photocatalytic activity
B Bajorowicz, J Reszczyńska, W Lisowski, T Klimczuk, M Winiarski, ...
RSC Advances 5, 91315-91325, 2015
Rattling-enhanced superconductivity in MV2Al20 (M = Sc, Lu, Y) intermetallic cage compounds
MJ Winiarski, B Wiendlocha, M Sternik, P Wiśniewski, JR O'Brien, ...
Physical Review B 93, 134507, 2016
Surface Properties and Photocatalytic Activity of KTaO3, CdS, MoS2 Semiconductors and Their Binary and Ternary Semiconductor Composites
B Bajorowicz, A Cybula, MJ Winiarski, T Klimczuk, A Zaleska
Molecules 19 (9), 15339-15360, 2014
Rare earth ions doped K2Ta2O6 photocatalysts with enhanced UV–vis light activity
A Krukowska, MJ Winiarski, J Strychalska-Nowak, T Klimczuk, W Lisowski, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 224, 451-468, 2018
KTaO3-based nanocomposites for air treatment
M Marchelek, B Bajorowicz, P Mazierski, A Cybula, T Klimczuk, ...
Catalysis Today 252, 47-53, 2015
Superconductivity in CaBi2
MJ Winiarski, B Wiendlocha, S Gołąb, SK Kushwaha, P Wiśniewski, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18, 21737-21745, 2016
The ILs-assisted electrochemical synthesis of TiO2 nanotubes: the effect of ionic liquids on morphology and photoactivity
P Mazierski, J Łuczak, W Lisowski, MJ Winiarski, T Klimczuk, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 214, 100-113, 2017
Magnetism and charge density waves in RNiC2 (R = Ce, Pr, Nd)
KK Kolincio, M Roman, MJ Winiarski, J Strychalska-Nowak, T Klimczuk
Physical Review B 95, 235156, 2017
Preparation and photocatalytic properties of BaZrO3 and SrZrO3 modified with Cu2O/Bi2O3 quantum dots
M Miodyńska, B Bajorowicz, P Mazierski, W Lisowski, T Klimczuk, ...
Solid State Sciences 74, 13-23, 2017
Pressure effects on the superconductivity of the HfPd2Al Heusler compound: Experimental and theoretical study
B Wiendlocha, MJ Winiarski, M Muras, C Zvoriste-Walters, JC Griveau, ...
Physical Review B 91, 024509, 2015
Highly Visible-Light Photoactive Heterojunction Based on TiO2 Nanotubes Decorated by Pt Nanoparticles and Bi2S3 Quantum Dots
P Mazierski, J Nadolna, G Nowaczyk, W Lisowski, MJ Winiarski, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (32), 17215–17225, 2017
Crystal structure and low-energy Einstein mode in ErV2Al20 intermetallic cage compound
MJ Winiarski, T Klimczuk
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 245, 10-16, 2017
(CsX)Cu5O2(PO4)2 (X = Cl, Br, I): A Family of Cu2+ S = 1/2 Compounds with Capped-Kagomé Networks Composed of OCu4 Units
MJ Winiarski, TT Tran, JR Chamorro, TM McQueen
Inorganic chemistry 58 (7), 4328-4336, 2019
Microstructure and electrical properties of manganese borosilicate glasses
P Kupracz, J Karczewski, M Prześniak-Welenc, NA Szreder, MJ Winiarski, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 423, 68-75, 2015
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