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Strong loophole-free test of local realism
LK Shalm, E Meyer-Scott, BG Christensen, P Bierhorst, MA Wayne, ...
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High-Fidelity Universal Gate Set for Ion Qubits
JP Gaebler, TR Tan, Y Lin, Y Wan, R Bowler, AC Keith, S Glancy, ...
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Challenging local realism with human choices
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Quantum state tomography of an itinerant squeezed microwave field
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Experimentally generated randomness certified by the impossibility of superluminal signals
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R Srinivas, SC Burd, HM Knaack, RT Sutherland, A Kwiatkowski, ...
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Methods for producing optical coherent state superpositions
S Glancy, HM de Vasconcelos
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All-optical generation of states for “Encoding a qubit in an oscillator”
HM Vasconcelos, L Sanz, S Glancy
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Asymptotically optimal data analysis for rejecting local realism
Y Zhang, S Glancy, E Knill
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Third-order antibunching from an imperfect single-photon source
MJ Stevens, S Glancy, SW Nam, RP Mirin
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Entanglement purification of any stabilizer state
S Glancy, E Knill, HM Vasconcelos
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Preparation of entangled states through Hilbert space engineering
Y Lin, JP Gaebler, F Reiter, TR Tan, R Bowler, Y Wan, A Keith, E Knill, ...
Physical review letters 117 (14), 140502, 2016
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