Miklós Antal Werner
Miklós Antal Werner
Post-doc, Wigner RCP Budapest
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Correlations after Quantum Quenches in the Spin Chain: Failure of the Generalized Gibbs Ensemble
B Pozsgay, M Mestyán, MA Werner, M Kormos, G Zaránd, G Takács
Physical review letters 113 (11), 117203, 2014
Quenching the XXZ spin chain: quench action approach versus generalized Gibbs ensemble
M Mestyán, B Pozsgay, G Takács, MA Werner
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2015 (4), P04001, 2015
On generalized Gibbs ensembles with an infinite set of conserved charges
B Pozsgay, E Vernier, MA Werner
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2017 (9), 093103, 2017
Bloch oscillations and the lack of the decay of the false vacuum in a one-dimensional quantum spin chain
O Pomponio, MA Werner, G Zaránd, G Takács
SciPost Physics 12 (2), 061, 2022
Kondo cloud in a superconductor
CP Moca, I Weymann, MA Werner, G Zaránd
Physical Review Letters 127 (18), 186804, 2021
Combining the in-medium similarity renormalization group with the density matrix renormalization group: Shell structure and information entropy
A Tichai, S Knecht, AT Kruppa, Ö Legeza, CP Moca, A Schwenk, ...
Physics Letters B 845, 138139, 2023
Information scrambling at an impurity quantum critical point
B Dóra, MA Werner, CP Moca
Physical Review B 96 (15), 155116, 2017
Toward large-scale restricted active space calculations inspired by the Schmidt decomposition
G Barcza, MA Werner, G Zaránd, A Pershin, Z Benedek, O Legeza, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 126 (51), 9709-9718, 2022
Anderson localization and quantum Hall effect: Numerical observation of two-parameter scaling
MA Werner, A Brataas, F von Oppen, G Zaránd
Physical Review B 91 (12), 125418, 2015
Quantum quench and charge oscillations in the SU (3) Hubbard model: A test of time evolving block decimation with general non-Abelian symmetries
MA Werner, CP Moca, Ö Legeza, G Zaránd
Physical Review B 102 (15), 155108, 2020
Spin fluctuations after quantum quenches in the Haldane chain: Numerical validation of the semi-semiclassical theory
MA Werner, CP Moca, Ö Legeza, M Kormos, G Zaránd
Physical Review B 100 (3), 035401, 2019
Simulating Lindbladian evolution with non-Abelian symmetries: Ballistic front propagation in the SU (2) Hubbard model with a localized loss
CP Moca, MA Werner, Ö Legeza, T Prosen, M Kormos, G Zaránd
Physical Review B 105 (19), 195144, 2022
Universal scaling theory of the boundary geometric tensor in disordered metals
MA Werner, A Brataas, F von Oppen, G Zaránd
Physical Review Letters 122 (10), 106601, 2019
C. uuuu P. mc Moca
B Dóra, D Sticlet
Phys. Rev. Lett 128, 146804, 2022
Selective state spectroscopy and multifractality in disordered Bose-Einstein condensates: a numerical study
MA Werner, E Demler, A Aspect, G Zaránd
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 3641, 2018
Kardar-Parisi-Zhang scaling in the Hubbard model
CP Moca, MA Werner, A Valli, T Prosen, G Zaránd
Physical Review B 108 (23), 235139, 2023
Two-dimensional quantum lattice models via mode optimized hybrid CPU-GPU density matrix renormalization group method
A Menczer, K Kapás, MA Werner, Ö Legeza
Physical Review B 109 (19), 195148, 2024
Spectroscopic evidence for engineered hadronic bound state formation in repulsive fermionic Hubbard systems
MA Werner, CP Moca, M Kormos, Ö Legeza, B Dóra, G Zaránd
Physical Review Research 5 (4), 043020, 2023
Quantum quench dynamics in the Luttinger liquid phase of the Hatano-Nelson model
B Dóra, MA Werner, CP Moca
Physical Review B 108 (3), 035104, 2023
Spectroscopy of N= 50 isotones with the valence-space density matrix renormalization group
A Tichai, K Kapás, T Miyagi, MA Werner, Ö Legeza, A Schwenk, G Zarand
arXiv preprint arXiv:2402.18723, 2024
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