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SOX2 is an amplified lineage-survival oncogene in lung and esophageal squamous cell carcinomas
AJ Bass, H Watanabe, CH Mermel, S Yu, S Perner, RG Verhaak, SY Kim, ...
Nature genetics 41 (11), 1238-1242, 2009
A physical and regulatory map of host-influenza interactions reveals pathways in H1N1 infection
SD Shapira, I Gat-Viks, BOV Shum, A Dricot, MM de Grace, L Wu, ...
Cell 139 (7), 1255-1267, 2009
Mutations causing medullary cystic kidney disease type 1 lie in a large VNTR in MUC1 missed by massively parallel sequencing
A Kirby, A Gnirke, DB Jaffe, V Barešová, N Pochet, B Blumenstiel, C Ye, ...
Nature genetics 45 (3), 299-303, 2013
Systematic discovery of TLR signaling components delineates viral-sensing circuits
N Chevrier, P Mertins, MN Artyomov, AK Shalek, M Iannacone, ...
Cell 147 (4), 853-867, 2011
Dissection of influenza infection in vivo by single-cell RNA sequencing
Y Steuerman, M Cohen, N Peshes-Yaloz, L Valadarsky, O Cohn, E David, ...
Cell systems 6 (6), 679-691. e4, 2018
Genome-wide CRISPR screen identifies host dependency factors for influenza A virus infection
B Li, SM Clohisey, BS Chia, B Wang, A Cui, T Eisenhaure, LD Schweitzer, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 164, 2020
Scoring clustering solutions by their biological relevance
I Gat-Viks, R Sharan, R Shamir
Bioinformatics 19 (18), 2381-2389, 2003
Personalized hydrogels for engineering diverse fully autologous tissue implants
R Edri, I Gal, N Noor, T Harel, S Fleischer, N Adadi, O Green, D Shabat, ...
Advanced materials 31 (1), 1803895, 2019
Digital cell quantification identifies global immune cell dynamics during influenza infection
Z Altboum, Y Steuerman, E David, Z Barnett‐Itzhaki, L Valadarsky, ...
Molecular systems biology 10 (2), 720, 2014
Cell composition analysis of bulk genomics using single-cell data
A Frishberg, N Peshes-Yaloz, O Cohn, D Rosentul, Y Steuerman, ...
Nature methods 16 (4), 327-332, 2019
Extracellular matrix proteolysis by MT1-MMP contributes to influenza-related tissue damage and mortality
D Talmi-Frank, Z Altboum, I Solomonov, Y Udi, DA Jaitin, M Klepfish, ...
Cell host & microbe 20 (4), 458-470, 2016
Analysing human neural stem cell ontogeny by consecutive isolation of Notch active neural progenitors
R Edri, Y Yaffe, MJ Ziller, N Mutukula, R Volkman, E David, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 6500, 2015
A probabilistic methodology for integrating knowledge and experiments on biological networks
I Gat-Viks, A Tanay, D Raijman, R Shamir
Journal of Computational Biology 13 (2), 165-181, 2006
Refinement and expansion of signaling pathways: the osmotic response network in yeast
I Gat-Viks, R Shamir
Genome research 17 (3), 358-367, 2007
Chain functions and scoring functions in genetic networks
I Gat-Viks, R Shamir
Bioinformatics 19 (suppl_1), i108-i117, 2003
ImmQuant: a user-friendly tool for inferring immune cell-type composition from gene-expression data
A Frishberg, A Brodt, Y Steuerman, I Gat-Viks
Bioinformatics 32 (24), 3842-3843, 2016
Modeling and analysis of heterogeneous regulation in biological networks
I Gat-Viks, A Tanay, R Shamir
Journal of Computational Biology 11 (6), 1034-1049, 2004
Deciphering molecular circuits from genetic variation underlying transcriptional responsiveness to stimuli
I Gat-Viks, N Chevrier, R Wilentzik, T Eisenhaure, R Raychowdhury, ...
Nature biotechnology 31 (4), 342-349, 2013
EZH2 promotes a bi-lineage identity in basal-like breast cancer cells
RZ Granit, Y Gabai, T Hadar, Y Karamansha, L Liberman, I Waldhorn, ...
Oncogene 32 (33), 3886-3895, 2013
A global view of the selection forces in the evolution of yeast cis-regulation
A Tanay, I Gat-Viks, R Shamir
Genome research 14 (5), 829-834, 2004
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