Manoj Kumar Enamala
Manoj Kumar Enamala
Junior Scientist
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Production of biofuels from microalgae-A review on cultivation, harvesting, lipid extraction, and numerous applications of microalgae
MK Enamala, S Enamala, M Chavali, J Donepudi, R Yadavalli, B Kolapalli, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 94, 49-68, 2018
Plant-based meat analogue (PBMA) as a sustainable food: A concise review
M Singh, N Trivedi, MK Enamala, C Kuppam, P Parikh, MP Nikolova, ...
European Food Research and Technology 247, 2499-2526, 2021
Photosynthetic microorganisms (Algae) mediated bioelectricity generation in microbial fuel cell: Concise review
MK Enamala, R Dixit, A Tangellapally, M Singh, SMP Dinakarrao, ...
Environmental Technology & Innovation, 100959, 2020
Facets of diatom biology and their potential applications
N Mal, K Srivastava, Y Sharma, M Singh, KM Rao, MK Enamala, ...
Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 1-17, 2022
Production of a variety of industrially significant products by biological sources through fermentation
MK Enamala, DS Pasumarthy, PK Gandrapu, M Chavali, H Mudumbai, ...
Microbial technology for the welfare of society, 201-221, 2019
Algal bioeconomy: a platform for clean energy and fuel
M Singh, M Chavali, MK Enamala, PK Obulisamy, R Dixit, C Kuppam
Biorefineries: A Step Towards Renewable and Clean Energy, 335-370, 2020
Nanophytoremediation: an overview of novel and sustainable biological advancement
S Sarkar, MK Enamala, M Chavali, GVSS Sarma, MK Murthy, A Kadier, ...
Soil contamination-threats and sustainable solutions, 2021
Basic principles, fundamentals, and mechanisms of chalcogenide-based nanomaterials in photocatalytic reactions
GVSS Sarma, M Chavali, MP Nikolova, MK Enamala, C Kuppan
Chalcogenide-Based Nanomaterials as Photocatalysts, 77-103, 2021
Applications of Nanomaterials and Future Prospects for Nanobionics
MK Enamala, B Kolapalli, PD Sruthi, S Sarkar, C Kuppam, M Chavali
Plant Nanobionics, 177-197, 2019
Use of chalcogenides-based nanomaterials for wastewater treatment including bacterial disinfection and organic contaminants degradation
MK Enamala, M Chavali, A Tangellapally, D Pasumarthy, MK Murthy, ...
Chalcogenide-Based Nanomaterials as Photocatalysts, 243-259, 2021
Nanobioremediation: A novel and sustainable biological advancement for ecological cleanup
MK Enamala, PD Sruthi, S Sarkar, M Chavali, I Vasavi, C Kuppam
Nanotechnology in biology and medicine, 245-257, 2019
Effect of Various Growth Medium on the Physiology and De Novo Lipogenesis of a Freshwater Microalga Scenedesmus rotundus-MG910488 under Autotrophic …
R Dixit, S Singh, MK Enamala, A Patel
Clean Technologies 4 (3), 733-751, 2022
Potential applications of biopolymers in fisheries industry
M Singh, K Unadkat, S Kapoor, MK Enamala, P Parikh, K Chandrasekhar
Biopolymers: Recent Updates, Challenges and Opportunities, 199-221, 2022
Greener synthesis of enzymes from marine microbes using nanomaterials
MK Enamala, M Chavali, SR Pamanji, A Tangellapally, R Dixit, M Singh, ...
Handbook of Greener Synthesis of Nanomaterials and Compounds, 109-136, 2021
Strategies in the direction of scaling-up aspects of microbial electrolysis cells
K Chandrasekhar, S Kondaveeti, RA Nastro, D Naradasu, M Singh, ...
Scaling Up of Microbial Electrochemical Systems, 359-375, 2022
Challenges in the assessment of nanotoxicity, recommendations, and safe-by-design nanomedicines to counter toxicological problems
GVSS Sarma, MK Enamala, MP Nikolova, M Chavali, SR Pamanji
Nanotoxicology, 393-444, 2021
Nanophytoremediation: An Overview of Novel and Sustainable Biological Advancement. Importance & Applications of Nanotechnology
S Sarakar, MK Enamala, M Chavali, G Sarma, KM Mannam
MedDocs Publishers 6, 47-61, 2021
Industrial Saline Wastewater Treatment Technologies Using Microalgae Biomass
MK Enamala, AS Kumar, PD Sruthi, M Chavali, M Singh, C Kuppam
Removal of Pollutants from Saline Water, 267-286, 2021
Assessing Interactions of Microalgae in Synthesizing Nanoparticles
MK Enamala, AB Supangat, C Kuppam, SR Pamanji, M Chavali, ...
Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine, 29-43, 2019
393 Challenges in the Assessment of Nanotoxicity, Recommendations, and Safe-by-Design Nanomedicines to Counter Toxicological Problems
GVSS Sarma, MK Enamala, MP Nikolova, M Chavali, SR Pamanji
Nanotoxicology: Toxicity Evaluation of Nanomedicine Applications, 393-444, 0
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