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Krzysztof Goral
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Production of cold molecules via magnetically tunable Feshbach resonances
T Köhler, K Góral, PS Julienne
Reviews of modern physics 78 (4), 1311, 2006
Quantum phases of dipolar bosons in optical lattices
K Góral, L Santos, M Lewenstein
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Bose-Einstein condensation with magnetic dipole-dipole forces
K Góral, K Rza̧żewski, T Pfau
Physical Review A 61 (5), 051601, 2000
Ground state and elementary excitations of single and binary Bose-Einstein condensates of trapped dipolar gases
K Góral, L Santos
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Structure of binary Bose-Einstein condensates
M Trippenbach, K Góral, K Rzazewski, B Malomed, YB Band
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Ultracold dipolar gases–a challenge for experiments and theory
M Baranov, K Góral, L Santos, M Lewenstein
Physica Scripta 2002 (T102), 74, 2002
Adiabatic association of ultracold molecules via magnetic-field tunable interactions
K Goral, T Koehler, SA Gardiner, E Tiesinga, PS Julienne
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Multi-mode description of an interacting Bose-Einstein condensate
K Góral, M Gajda, K Rzążewski
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Multimode dynamics of a coupled ultracold atomic-molecular system
K Góral, M Gajda, K Rza̧żewski
Physical Review Letters 86 (8), 1397, 2001
Semiclassical theory of trapped fermionic dipoles
K Góral, BG Englert, K Rza̧żewski
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Thermodynamics of an interacting trapped Bose-Einstein gas in the classical field approximation
K Góral, M Gajda, K Rza̧żewski
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Conventional character of the BCS-BEC crossover in ultracold gases of K 40
MH Szymańska, K Góral, T Köhler, K Burnett
Physical Review A 72 (1), 013610, 2005
Probing the classical field approximation—thermodynamics and decaying vortices
H Schmidt, K Góral, F Floegel, M Gajda, K Rzazewski
Journal of Optics B: Quantum and Semiclassical Optics 5 (2), S96, 2003
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G Smirne, RM Godun, D Cassettari, V Boyer, CJ Foot, T Volz, N Syassen, ...
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Hydrodynamic excitations of trapped dipolar fermions
K Góral, M Brewczyk, K Rza̧żewski
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Molecular production in two component atomic Fermi gases
J Chwedeńczuk, K Góral, T Köhler, PS Julienne
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Bose-Einstein condensation of two interacting particles
MA Cirone, K Góral, K Rzazewski, M Wilkens
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 34 (23), 4571, 2001
Ramsey interferometry with atoms and molecules: Two-body versus many-body phenomena
K Góral, T Köhler, K Burnett
Physical Review A 71 (2), 023603, 2005
Heating and atom loss during upward ramps of Feshbach resonance levels in Bose-Einstein condensates
T Köhler, K Góral, T Gasenzer
Physical Review A 70 (2), 023613, 2004
Probing fermionic condensates by fast-sweep projection onto Feshbach molecules
S Matyjaśkiewicz, MH Szymańska, K Góral
Physical review letters 101 (15), 150410, 2008
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