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Cholinergic mesencephalic neurons are involved in gait and postural disorders in Parkinson disease
C Karachi, D Grabli, FA Bernard, D Tandé, N Wattiez, H Belaid, E Bardinet, ...
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Transcranial ultrasonic stimulation modulates single-neuron discharge in macaques performing an antisaccade task
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Behavioural responses to a photovoltaic subretinal prosthesis implanted in non-human primates
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Antisaccade deficit after inactivation of the principal sulcus in monkeys
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Visual mental imagery: What the head's eye tells the mind's eye
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Implicit and explicit timing in oculomotor control
I Ameqrane, P Pouget, N Wattiez, R Carpenter, M Missal
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Frontal non-invasive neurostimulation modulates antisaccade preparation in non-human primates
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Involvement of the supplementary eye field in oculomotor predictive behavior
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A fragile balance: perturbation of GABA mediated circuit in prefrontal cortex generates high intraindividual performance variability
P Pouget, N Wattiez, S Rivaud-Péchoux, B Gaymard
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Neural correlates and role of medication in reactive motor impulsivity in Tourette disorder
C Atkinson-Clement, CA Porte, A de Liege, N Wattiez, Y Klein, B Beranger, ...
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Abnormal activity of neck inspiratory muscles during sleep as a prognostic indicator in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
S Redolfi, L Grassion, I Rivals, M Chavez, N Wattiez, I Arnulf, ...
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 201 (4), 414-422, 2020
Adjusting ventilator settings to relieve dyspnoea modifies brain activity in critically ill patients: an electroencephalogram pilot study
M Raux, X Navarro-Sune, N Wattiez, F Kindler, M Le Corre, M Decavele, ...
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An oculomotor and computational study of a patient with diagonistic dyspraxia
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cortex 47 (4), 473-483, 2011
Behavioral and brain responses to verbal stimuli reveal transient periods of cognitive integration of the external world during sleep
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A subanesthetic dose of ketamine in the Rhesus monkey reduces the occurrence of anticipatory saccades
A Ilhame, W Nicolas, P Pierre, M Marcus
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Impact of inspiratory threshold loading on brain activity and cognitive performances in healthy humans
J Taytard, C Gand, MC Niérat, R Barthes, S Lavault, D Adler, ...
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Slower is higher: Threshold modulation of cortical activity in voluntary control of breathing initiation
P Pouget, E Allard, T Poitou, M Raux, N Wattiez, T Similowski
Frontiers in Neuroscience 12, 663, 2018
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