Ilya A.Shereshevskii
Ilya A.Shereshevskii
Leading researcher, Institut for physics of microstrucrures RAS
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Kinematic vortices and phase slip lines in the dynamics of the resistive state of narrow superconductive thin film channels
A Andronov, I Gordion, V Kurin, I Nefedov, I Shereshevsky
Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications 213 (1-2), 193-199, 1993
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AS Mel’nikov, IM Nefedov, DA Ryzhov, IA Shereshevskii, VM Vinokur, ...
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MFM probe control of magnetic vortex chirality in elliptical Co nanoparticles
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Rectangular lattices of permalloy nanoparticles: Interplay of single-particle magnetization distribution and interparticle interaction
AA Fraerman, SA Gusev, LA Mazo, IM Nefedov, YN Nozdrin, ...
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Mathematical simulation of random coupling between polarization modes in single-mode fiber waveguides: I. evolution of the degree of polarization of nonmonochromatic radiation …
GB Malykin, VI Pozdnyakova, IA Shereshevskii
Optics and Spectroscopy 83 (5), 780-789, 1997
Inhomogeneous states and the mechanism of magnetization reversal of a chain of classical dipoles
IR Karetnikova, IM Nefedov, MV Sapozhnikov, AA Fraerman, ...
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Whispering vortices
A Wallraff, AV Ustinov, VV Kurin, IA Shereshevsky, NK Vdovicheva
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What is the best gate for vortex entry into type-II superconductor?
AY Aladyshkin, AS Mel'Nikov, IA Shereshevsky, ID Tokman
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Vortex core states in superconducting graphene
IM Khaymovich, NB Kopnin, AS Mel’Nikov, IA Shereshevskii
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Andreev transport in two-dimensional normal-superconducting systems in strong magnetic fields
IM Khaymovich, NM Chtchelkatchev, IA Shereshevskii, AS Mel'nikov
Europhysics Letters 91 (1), 17005, 2010
Giant oscillations of energy levels in mesoscopic superconductors
NB Kopnin, AS Mel’nikov, VI Pozdnyakova, DA Ryzhov, IA Shereshevskii, ...
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Frequency self-upshifting of focused electromagnetic pulse producing gas ionization
VB Gil'denburg, VI Pozdnyakova, IA Shereshevskii
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Inverse Faraday effect in graphene and Weyl semimetals
ID Tokman, Q Chen, IA Shereshevsky, VI Pozdnyakova, I Oladyshkin, ...
Physical Review B 101 (17), 174429, 2020
Simulations of multipactor thresholds in shielded microstrip lines
VE Semenov, EI Rakova, AG Sazontov, IM Nefedov, VI Pozdnyakova, ...
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Enhanced vortex heat conductance in mesoscopic superconductors
NB Kopnin, AS Mel’nikov, VI Pozdnyakova, DA Ryzhov, IA Shereshevskii, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 75 (2), 024514, 2007
Coupling between elliptic screw polarization modes in single-mode optical waveguides with linear birefringence and regular twist of anisotropy axes in the presence of random …
GB Malykin, VI Pozdnyakova, IA Shereshevskii
Optics and Spectroscopy 88, 427-440, 2000
Ionization-induced leaking-mode channeling of intense short laser pulses in gases
AM Sergeev, M Lontano, AV Kim, VB Gildenburg, MD Chernobrovtseva, ...
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Cherenkov radiation of vortices in a two-dimensional annular Josephson junction
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Microwave corona breakdown around metal corners and wedges
U Jordan, DS Dorozhkina, VE Semenov, T Olsson, D Anderson, M Lisak, ...
IEEE transactions on plasma science 35 (3), 542-550, 2007
Magnetocaloric effect in ferromagnet/paramagnet multilayer structures
AA Fraerman, IA Shereshevskii
JETP letters 101, 618-621, 2015
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