Dominik Wöll
Dominik Wöll
Professur für Physikalische Chemie: Spektroskopie kondensierter Materie, RWTH Aachen University
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Polymers and single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy, what can we learn?
D Wöll, E Braeken, A Deres, FC De Schryver, H Uji-i, J Hofkens
Chemical Society Reviews 38 (2), 313-328, 2009
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy in polymer science
D Wöll
Rsc Advances 4 (5), 2447-2465, 2014
Nanoscopic visualization of soft matter using fluorescent diarylethene photoswitches
O Nevskyi, D Sysoiev, A Oppermann, T Huhn, D Wöll
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (41), 12698-12702, 2016
Super‐resolution fluorescence imaging for materials science
D Wöll, C Flors
Small Methods 1 (10), 1700191, 2017
Heterogeneous diffusion in thin polymer films as observed by high-temperature single-molecule fluorescence microscopy
BMI Flier, MC Baier, J Huber, K Müllen, S Mecking, A Zumbusch, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (1), 480-488, 2012
3D structures of responsive nanocompartmentalized microgels
APH Gelissen, A Oppermann, T Caumanns, P Hebbeker, SK Turnhoff, ...
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Radical polymerization tracked by single molecule spectroscopy
D Wöll, H Uji‐i, T Schnitzler, J Hotta, P Dedecker, A Herrmann, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 47 (4), 783-787, 2008
Intracellular tracking of single-plasmid DNA particles after delivery by electroporation
C Rosazza, A Buntz, T Rieß, D Wöll, A Zumbusch, MP Rols
Molecular therapy 21 (12), 2217-2226, 2013
On the mechanism of intramolecular sensitization of photocleavage of the 2-(2-nitrophenyl) propoxycarbonyl (NPPOC) protecting group
D Wöll, S Laimgruber, M Galetskaya, J Smirnova, W Pfleiderer, B Heinz, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (40), 12148-12158, 2007
Nanoscopic visualization of cross‐linking density in polymer networks with diarylethene photoswitches
E Siemes, O Nevskyi, D Sysoiev, SK Turnhoff, A Oppermann, T Huhn, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (38), 12280-12284, 2018
Fluorescent Diarylethene Photoswitches—A Universal Tool for Super‐Resolution Microscopy in Nanostructured Materials
O Nevskyi, D Sysoiev, J Dreier, SC Stein, A Oppermann, F Lemken, ...
Small 14 (10), 1703333, 2018
Intramolecular Sensitization of Photocleavage of the Photolabile 2‐(2‐Nitrophenyl) propoxycarbonyl (NPPOC) Protecting Group: Photoproducts and Photokinetics of the Release of …
D Wöll, J Smirnova, M Galetskaya, T Prykota, J Bühler, KP Stengele, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 14 (21), 6490-6497, 2008
Triplet‐sensitized photodeprotection of oligonucleotides in solution and on microarray chips
D Wöll, S Walbert, KP Stengele, TJ Albert, T Richmond, J Norton, ...
Helvetica chimica acta 87 (1), 28-45, 2004
Sortase-mediated surface functionalization of stimuli-responsive microgels
E Gau, DM Mate, Z Zou, A Oppermann, A Töpel, F Jakob, D Wöll, ...
Biomacromolecules 18 (9), 2789-2798, 2017
Monitoring of viscosity changes during free radical polymerization using fluorescence lifetime measurements
JM Nölle, C Jüngst, A Zumbusch, D Wöll
Polymer Chemistry 5 (8), 2700-2703, 2014
Highly efficient photolabile protecting groups with intramolecular energy transfer
D Wöll, J Smirnova, W Pfleiderer, U Steiner
Deformation of microgels at solid–liquid interfaces visualized in three-dimension
L Hoppe Alvarez, S Eisold, RA Gumerov, M Strauch, AA Rudov, ...
Nano letters 19 (12), 8862-8867, 2019
Single molecule fluorescence microscopy investigations on heterogeneity of translational diffusion in thin polymer films
BMI Flier, M Baier, J Huber, K Müllen, S Mecking, A Zumbusch, D Wöll
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (5), 1770-1775, 2011
Polymers in focus: fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
CM Papadakis, P Košovan, W Richtering, D Wöll
Colloid and polymer science 292, 2399-2411, 2014
Cargo shuttling by electrochemical switching of core–shell microgels obtained by a facile one-shot polymerization
O Mergel, S Schneider, R Tiwari, PT Kühn, D Keskin, MCA Stuart, ...
Chemical science 10 (6), 1844-1856, 2019
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