Yossi Yovel
Yossi Yovel
School of Zoology, School of Neuroscience, Tel-Aviv Universtiy
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AxCaliber: a method for measuring axon diameter distribution from diffusion MRI
Y Assaf, T Blumenfeld‐Katzir, Y Yovel, PJ Basser
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine: An Official Journal of the International …, 2008
Spatial cognition in bats and rats: from sensory acquisition to multiscale maps and navigation
M Geva-Sagiv, L Las, Y Yovel, N Ulanovsky
Nature Reviews Neuroscience 16 (2), 94-108, 2015
Bats aggregate to improve prey search but might be impaired when their density becomes too high
N Cvikel, KE Berg, E Levin, E Hurme, I Borissov, A Boonman, E Amichai, ...
Current Biology 25 (2), 206-211, 2015
Cluster analysis of resting-state fMRI time series
A Mezer, Y Yovel, O Pasternak, T Gorfine, Y Assaf
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Optimal localization by pointing off axis
Y Yovel, B Falk, CF Moss, N Ulanovsky
Science 327 (5966), 701-704, 2010
Habitat use of bats in relation to wind turbines revealed by GPS tracking
M Roeleke, T Blohm, S Kramer-Schadt, Y Yovel, CC Voigt
Scientific reports 6 (1), 28961, 2016
Flowers respond to pollinator sound within minutes by increasing nectar sugar concentration
M Veits, I Khait, U Obolski, E Zinger, A Boonman, A Goldshtein, K Saban, ...
Ecology letters 22 (9), 1483-1492, 2019
Plant classification from bat-like echolocation signals
Y Yovel, MO Franz, P Stilz, HU Schnitzler
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Resource ephemerality drives social foraging in bats
K Egert-Berg, ER Hurme, S Greif, A Goldstein, L Harten, ...
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Vocal learning in a social mammal: Demonstrated by isolation and playback experiments in bats
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The voice of bats: how greater mouse-eared bats recognize individuals based on their echolocation calls
Y Yovel, ML Melcon, MO Franz, A Denzinger, HU Schnitzler
PLoS Computational Biology 5 (6), e1000400, 2009
Everyday bat vocalizations contain information about emitter, addressee, context, and behavior
Y Prat, M Taub, Y Yovel
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 1-10, 2016
It's not black or white—on the range of vision and echolocation in echolocating bats
A Boonman, Y Bar-On, N Cvikel, Y Yovel
Frontiers in physiology 4, 248, 2013
Calling louder and longer: how bats use biosonar under severe acoustic interference from other bats
E Amichai, G Blumrosen, Y Yovel
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On-board recordings reveal no jamming avoidance in wild bats
N Cvikel, E Levin, E Hurme, I Borissov, A Boonman, E Amichai, Y Yovel
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 282 (1798), 20142274, 2015
Click-based echolocation in bats: not so primitive after all
Y Yovel, M Geva-Sagiv, N Ulanovsky
Journal of Comparative Physiology A 197, 515-530, 2011
Conservation of brain connectivity and wiring across the mammalian class
Y Assaf, A Bouznach, O Zomet, A Marom, Y Yovel
Nature Neuroscience 23 (7), 805-808, 2020
A functional role of the sky’s polarization pattern for orientation in the greater mouse-eared bat
S Greif, I Borissov, Y Yovel, RA Holland
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The ontogeny of a mammalian cognitive map in the real world
L Harten, A Katz, A Goldshtein, M Handel, Y Yovel
Science 369 (6500), 194-197, 2020
Bats adjust their mouth gape to zoom their biosonar field of view
P Kounitsky, J Rydell, E Amichai, A Boonman, O Eitan, AJ Weiss, Y Yovel
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (21), 6724-6729, 2015
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