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Yuli Dong
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Implementing a conditional gate by a combination of resonant interaction and quantum interference
X Zou, Y Dong, G Guo
Physical Review A 74 (3), 032325, 2006
Quantum criticality and state engineering in the simulated anisotropic quantum Rabi model
Y Wang, WL You, M Liu, YL Dong, HG Luo, G Romero, JQ You
New Journal of Physics 20 (5), 053061, 2018
Fidelity susceptibility in two-dimensional spin-orbit models
WL You, YL Dong
Physical Review B 84 (17), 174426, 2011
Experimentally accessible lower bounds for genuine multipartite entanglement and coherence measures
Y Dai, Y Dong, Z Xu, W You, C Zhang, O Gühne
Physical Review Applied 13 (5), 054022, 2020
Continuous-variable-entanglement distillation with photon addition
SL Zhang, YL Dong, XB Zou, BS Shi, GC Guo
Physical Review A 88 (3), 032324, 2013
Schemes for realizing frequency up-and down-conversions in two-mode cavity QED
X Zou, Y Dong, G Guo
Physical Review A 73 (2), 025802, 2006
Optical implementation of one-dimensional quantum random walks using orbital angular momentum of a single photon
X Zou, Y Dong, G Guo
New Journal of Physics 8 (5), 81, 2006
Quantum-state transmission in a cavity array via two-photon exchange
YL Dong, SQ Zhu, WL You
Physical Review A 85 (2), 023833, 2012
Scheme for realizing ancilla-free 1→ M economic phase-covariant quantum cloning of qubits and qutrits
X Zou, Y Dong, G Guo
Physics Letters A 360 (1), 44-48, 2006
Dependence of the decoherence of polarization states in phase-damping channels on the frequency spectrum envelope of photons
YX Gong, YS Zhang, YL Dong, XL Niu, YF Huang, GC Guo
Physical Review A 78 (4), 042103, 2008
Generation of pair coherent state using weak cross-Kerr media
YL Dong, XB Zou, GC Guo
Physics Letters A 372 (35), 5677-5680, 2008
Detecting and estimating coherence based on coherence witnesses
Z Ma, Z Zhang, Y Dai, Y Dong, C Zhang
Physical Review A 103 (1), 012409, 2021
Lifshitz phase transitions in a one-dimensional Gamma model
ZA Liu, TC Yi, JH Sun, YL Dong, WL You
Physical Review E 102 (3), 032127, 2020
The entanglement dynamics of interacting qubits embedded in a spin environment with Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya term
WL You, YL Dong
The European Physical Journal D 57, 439-445, 2010
Cavity-QED-based phase gate for photonic qubits
YL Dong, XB Zou, SL Zhang, S Yang, CF Li, GC Guo
Journal of Modern Optics 56 (11), 1230-1233, 2009
Genuine multipartite nonlocality in the one-dimensional ferromagnetic spin-1/2 chain
Y Dai, C Zhang, W You, Y Dong, CH Oh
Physical Review A 96 (1), 012336, 2017
Generalized speed and cost rate in transitionless quantum driving
ZY Xu, WL You, YL Dong, C Zhang, WL Yang
Physical Review A 97 (3), 032115, 2018
Economical Gaussian cloning of coherent states with known phase
Y Dong, X Zou, S Li, G Guo
Physical Review A 76 (1), 014303, 2007
Polarization-dependent photon switch in a one-dimensional coupled-resonator waveguide
ZY Zhang, YL Dong, SL Zhang, SQ Zhu
Optics Express 21 (18), 20786-20799, 2013
Triangle inequalities in coherence measures and entanglement concurrence
Y Dai, W You, Y Dong, C Zhang
Physical Review A 96 (6), 062308, 2017
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