Jonathan Baugh
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Symmetrized characterization of noisy quantum processes
J Emerson, M Silva, O Moussa, C Ryan, M Laforest, J Baugh, DG Cory, ...
Science 317 (5846), 1893-1896, 2007
Nuclear spins in nanostructures
WA Coish, J Baugh
physica status solidi (b) 246 (10), 2203-2215, 2009
Experimental implementation of heat-bath algorithmic cooling using solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance
J Baugh, O Moussa, CA Ryan, A Nayak, R Laflamme
Nature 438 (7067), 470-473, 2005
Large nuclear Overhauser fields detected in vertically coupled double quantum dots
J Baugh, Y Kitamura, K Ono, S Tarucha
Physical review letters 99 (9), 096804, 2007
Multispin dynamics of the solid-state NMR free induction decay
H Cho, TD Ladd, J Baugh, DG Cory, C Ramanathan
Physical Review B 72 (5), 054427, 2005
Confinement effect on dipole-dipole interactions in nanofluids
J Baugh, A Kleinhammes, D Han, Q Wang, Y Wu
Science 294 (5546), 1505-1507, 2001
Direct evidence of solution-mediated superoxide transport and organic radical formation in sodium-oxygen batteries
C Xia, R Fernandes, FH Cho, N Sudhakar, B Buonacorsi, S Walker, M Xu, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (35), 11219-11226, 2016
Spin based heat engine: demonstration of multiple rounds of algorithmic cooling
CA Ryan, O Moussa, J Baugh, R Laflamme
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Enhancing quantum control by bootstrapping a quantum processor of 12 qubits
D Lu, K Li, J Li, H Katiyar, AJ Park, G Feng, T Xin, H Li, G Long, ...
npj Quantum Information 3 (1), 45, 2017
Coherent control of two nuclear spins using the anisotropic hyperfine interaction
Y Zhang, CA Ryan, R Laflamme, J Baugh
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Experimental Estimation of Average Fidelity of a Clifford Gate on a 7-qubit Quantum Processor
RL D. Lu, H. Li, D-A. Trottier, J. Li, A. Brodutch, A. P. Krismanich, A ...
Physical Review Letters 114, 140505, 2015
Digital quantum simulation of the statistical mechanics of a frustrated magnet
J Zhang, MH Yung, R Laflamme, A Aspuru-Guzik, J Baugh
Nature Communications 3 (1), 880, 2012
Roadmap on quantum nanotechnologies
A Laucht, F Hohls, N Ubbelohde, MF Gonzalez-Zalba, DJ Reilly, S Stobbe, ...
Nanotechnology 32 (16), 162003, 2021
Demonstration of sufficient control for two rounds of quantum error correction in a solid state ensemble quantum information processor
O Moussa, J Baugh, CA Ryan, R Laflamme
Physical review letters 107 (16), 160501, 2011
Understanding resonant charge transport through weakly coupled single-molecule junctions
JO Thomas, B Limburg, JK Sowa, K Willick, J Baugh, GAD Briggs, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 4628, 2019
Estimating the coherence of noise in quantum control of a solid-state qubit
G Feng, JJ Wallman, B Buonacorsi, FH Cho, DK Park, T Xin, D Lu, ...
Physical review letters 117 (26), 260501, 2016
Chiral quantum walks
D Lu, JD Biamonte, J Li, H Li, TH Johnson, V Bergholm, M Faccin, ...
Physical Review A 93 (4), 042302, 2016
Temperature-dependent electron mobility in InAs nanowires
N Gupta, Y Song, GW Holloway, U Sinha, C Haapamaki, RR LaPierre, ...
Nanotechnology 24, 225202, 2013
Solid-state NMR three-qubit homonuclear system for quantum-information processing: Control and characterization
J Baugh, O Moussa, CA Ryan, R Laflamme, C Ramanathan, TF Havel, ...
Physical Review A 73 (2), 022305, 2006
Tomography is necessary for universal entanglement detection with single-copy observables
D Lu, T Xin, N Yu, Z Ji, J Chen, G Long, J Baugh, X Peng, B Zeng, ...
Physical review letters 116 (23), 230501, 2016
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