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Europium and Terbium tris(Dipicolinates) as Secondary Standards for Quantum Yield Determination
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Leaf decomposition in two semi-evergreen tropical forests: influence of litter quality
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Carbohydrates as the next frontier in pharmaceutical research
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A Novel Strategy for the Design of 8‐Hydroxyquinolinate‐Based Lanthanide Bioprobes That Emit in the Near Infrared Range
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Hurricane damage and forest structure in Guadeloupe, French West Indies
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Selective self-assembly of hexameric homo-and heteropolymetallic lanthanide wheels: Synthesis, structure, and photophysical studies
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Efficient sensitization of lanthanide luminescence by tetrazole-based polydentate ligands
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Supramolecular recognition of heteropairs of lanthanide ions: A step toward self-assembled bifunctional probes
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Hurricane disturbance and forest resilience: Assessing structural vs. functional changes in a Caribbean dry forest
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Advanced Functional Materials 16 (2), 157-168, 2006
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