Kang-Kuen Ni
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A high phase-space-density gas of polar molecules
KK Ni, S Ospelkaus, MHG De Miranda, A Pe'Er, B Neyenhuis, JJ Zirbel, ...
science 322 (5899), 231-235, 2008
Quantum-state controlled chemical reactions of ultracold potassium-rubidium molecules
S Ospelkaus, KK Ni, D Wang, MHG De Miranda, B Neyenhuis, ...
Science 327 (5967), 853-857, 2010
Dipolar collisions of polar molecules in the quantum regime
KK Ni, S Ospelkaus, D Wang, G Quéméner, B Neyenhuis, ...
Nature 464 (7293), 1324-1328, 2010
Quantum simulators: Architectures and opportunities
E Altman, KR Brown, G Carleo, LD Carr, E Demler, C Chin, B DeMarco, ...
PRX quantum 2 (1), 017003, 2021
Efficient state transfer in an ultracold dense gas of heteronuclear molecules
S Ospelkaus, A Pe’Er, KK Ni, JJ Zirbel, B Neyenhuis, S Kotochigova, ...
Nature Physics 4 (8), 622-626, 2008
Controlling the hyperfine state of rovibronic ground-state polar molecules
S Ospelkaus, KK Ni, G Quéméner, B Neyenhuis, D Wang, ...
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An optical tweezer array of ultracold molecules
L Anderegg, LW Cheuk, Y Bao, S Burchesky, W Ketterle, KK Ni, JM Doyle
Science 365 (6458), 1156-1158, 2019
Quantum science with optical tweezer arrays of ultracold atoms and molecules
AM Kaufman, KK Ni
Nature Physics 17 (12), 1324-1333, 2021
Building one molecule from a reservoir of two atoms
LR Liu, JD Hood, Y Yu, JT Zhang, NR Hutzler, T Rosenband, KK Ni
Science 360 (6391), 900-903, 2018
Direct observation of bimolecular reactions of ultracold KRb molecules
MG Hu, Y Liu, DD Grimes, YW Lin, AH Gheorghe, R Vexiau, ...
Science 366 (6469), 1111-1115, 2019
Dipolar exchange quantum logic gate with polar molecules
KK Ni, T Rosenband, DD Grimes
Chemical science 9 (33), 6830-6838, 2018
Collisional stability of fermionic Feshbach molecules
JJ Zirbel, KK Ni, S Ospelkaus, JP D’Incao, CE Wieman, J Ye, DS Jin
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Heteronuclear molecules in an optical dipole trap
JJ Zirbel, KK Ni, S Ospelkaus, TL Nicholson, ML Olsen, PS Julienne, ...
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Ultracold polar molecules near quantum degeneracy
S Ospelkaus, KK Ni, MHG De Miranda, B Neyenhuis, D Wang, ...
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Precision spectroscopy of polarized molecules in an ion trap
H Loh, KC Cossel, MC Grau, KK Ni, ER Meyer, JL Bohn, J Ye, EA Cornell
Science 342 (6163), 1220-1222, 2013
Observation of microwave shielding of ultracold molecules
L Anderegg, S Burchesky, Y Bao, SS Yu, T Karman, E Chae, KK Ni, ...
Science 373 (6556), 779-782, 2021
Photo-excitation of long-lived transient intermediates in ultracold reactions
Y Liu, MG Hu, MA Nichols, DD Grimes, T Karman, H Guo, KK Ni
Nature Physics 16 (11), 1132-1136, 2020
Assembly of a rovibrational ground state molecule in an optical tweezer
WB Cairncross, JT Zhang, LRB Picard, Y Yu, K Wang, KK Ni
Physical Review Letters 126 (12), 123402, 2021
Observation of collisions between two ultracold ground-state CaF molecules
LW Cheuk, L Anderegg, Y Bao, S Burchesky, SS Yu, W Ketterle, KK Ni, ...
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Molecular assembly of ground-state cooled single atoms
LR Liu, JD Hood, Y Yu, JT Zhang, K Wang, YW Lin, T Rosenband, KK Ni
Physical Review X 9 (2), 021039, 2019
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