Davide Marenduzzo
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The depletion attraction: an underappreciated force driving cellular organization
D Marenduzzo, K Finan, PR Cook
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J Stenhammar, A Tiribocchi, RJ Allen, D Marenduzzo, ME Cates
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J Stenhammar, D Marenduzzo, RJ Allen, ME Cates
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R Lenarcic, S Halbedel, L Visser, M Shaw, LJ Wu, J Errington, ...
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ME Cates, D Marenduzzo, I Pagonabarraga, J Tailleur
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J Schwarz-Linek, C Valeriani, A Cacciuto, ME Cates, D Marenduzzo, ...
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CA Brackley, S Taylor, A Papantonis, PR Cook, D Marenduzzo
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Spontaneous symmetry breaking in active droplets provides a generic route to motility
E Tjhung, D Marenduzzo, ME Cates
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DNA–DNA interactions in bacteriophage capsids are responsible for the observed DNA knotting
D Marenduzzo, E Orlandini, A Stasiak, DW Sumners, L Tubiana, ...
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D Dell’Arciprete, ML Blow, AT Brown, FDC Farrell, JS Lintuvuori, ...
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PR Cook, D Marenduzzo
Journal of cell biology 186 (6), 825-834, 2009
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