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Pi-Pi contacts are an overlooked protein feature relevant to phase separation
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Src family kinases, adaptor proteins and the actin cytoskeleton in epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition
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Rapid kinetics of Na+ binding to thrombin
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Thrombin allostery
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Identification of a molecular locus for normalizing dysregulated GABA release from interneurons in the Fragile X brain
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Co-chaperones TIMP2 and AHA1 competitively regulate extracellular HSP90: client MMP2 activity and matrix proteolysis
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An allosteric conduit facilitates dynamic multisite substrate recognition by the SCFCdc4 ubiquitin ligase
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Mutant N143P reveals how Na+ activates thrombin
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Role of the A chain in thrombin function
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Stabilization of the E* form turns thrombin into an anticoagulant
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