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Tautomeric equilibria in relation to pi-electron delocalization
ED Raczyńska, W Kosińska, B Ośmiałowski, R Gawinecki
Chemical reviews 105 (10), 3561-3612, 2005
GIAO/DFT calculated chemical shifts of tautomeric species. 2‐Phenacylpyridines and (Z)‐2‐(2‐hydroxy‐2‐phenylvinyl)pyridines
B Ośmiałowski, E Kolehmainen, R Gawinecki
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The experimental studies on the determination of the ground and excited state dipole moments of some hemicyanine dyes
J Kabatc, B Ośmiałowski, J Pączkowski
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 63 (3 …, 2006
Substituent and temperature controlled tautomerism of 2-phenacylpyridine: the hydrogen bond as a configurational lock of (Z)-2-(2-hydroxy-2-phenylvinyl) pyridine
E Kolehmainen, B Ośmiałowski, M Nissinen, R Kauppinen, R Gawinecki
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Self-organization of 2-acylaminopyridines in the solid state and in solution
B Osmiałowski, E Kolehmainen, R Dobosz, R Gawinecki, R Kauppinen, ...
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Influence of substituent and benzoannulation on photophysical properties of 1-benzoylmethyleneisoquinoline difluoroborates
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Influence of Bond Fixation in Benzo-Annulated N-Salicylideneanilines and Their ortho-C(O)X Derivatives (X = CH3, NH2, OCH3) on Tautomeric Equilibria in …
R Gawinecki, A Kuczek, E Kolehmainen, B Ośmiałowski, TM Krygowski, ...
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Substituent effects on the photophysical properties of fluorescent 2-benzoylmethylenequinoline difluoroboranes: A combined experimental and quantum chemical study
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B Ośmiałowski, ED Raczyńska, TM Krygowski
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Tautomeric equilibria, H‐bonding and π‐electron delocalization in o‐nitrosophenol. A B3LYP/6–311 + G(2df,2p) study
ED Raczyńska, TM Krygowski, JE Zachara, B Ośmiałowski, R Gawinecki
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Photophysical properties of phenacylphenantridine difluoroboranyls: effect of substituent and double benzannulation
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R Zalesny, NA Murugan, F Gel’mukhanov, Z Rinkevicius, B Ośmiałowski, ...
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Topology-Driven Physicochemical Properties of π-Εlectron Systems. 1. Does the Clar Rule Work in Cyclic π-Electron Systems with the Intramolecular Hydrogen or Lithium Bond?
TM Krygowski, JE Zachara, B Ośmiałowski, R Gawinecki
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Tautomeric preferences of phthalones and related compounds
R Dobosz, E Kolehmainen, A Valkonen, B Ośmiałowski, R Gawinecki
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2-acylamino-6-pyridones: breaking of an intramolecular hydrogen bond by self-association and complexation with double and triple hydrogen bonding counterparts. Uncommon steric …
B Ośmiałowski, E Kolehmainen, M Kowalska
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 77 (4), 1653-1662, 2012
4-Fluoroanilines: synthesis and decomposition
A Zakrzewska, E Kolehmainen, B Osmialowski, R Gawinecki
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Complexation of 2, 6-Bis (acylamino) pyridines with Dipyridin-2-ylamine and 4, 4-Dimethylpiperidine-2, 6-dione
B Ośmiałowski, E Kolehmainen, R Gawinecki, R Dobosz, R Kauppinen
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(1Z, 3Z)-1, 4-Di (pyridin-2-yl) buta-1, 3-diene-2, 3-diol: The planar highly conjugated symmetrical enediol with multiple intramolecular hydrogen bonds
Journal of organic chemistry 67 (10), 3339-3345, 2002
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