Silke L. Diedenhofen
Silke L. Diedenhofen
Postdoc de ICFO
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Broad‐band and omnidirectional antireflection coatings based on semiconductor nanorods
SL Diedenhofen, G Vecchi, RE Algra, A Hartsuiker, OL Muskens, ...
Advanced Materials 21 (9), 973-978, 2009
Strong geometrical dependence of the absorption of light in arrays of semiconductor nanowires
SL Diedenhofen, OTA Janssen, G Grzela, EPAM Bakkers, J Gómez Rivas
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Large photonic strength of highly tunable resonant nanowire materials
OL Muskens, SL Diedenhofen, BC Kaas, RE Algra, EPAM Bakkers, ...
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Nanoscale free-carrier profiling of individual semiconductor nanowires by infrared near-field nanoscopy
JM Stiegler, AJ Huber, SL Diedenhofen, J Gomez Rivas, RE Algra, ...
Nano letters 10 (4), 1387-1392, 2010
Heterovalent cation substitutional doping for quantum dot homojunction solar cells
A Stavrinadis, AK Rath, FPG De Arquer, SL Diedenhofen, C Magén, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 2981, 2013
Broadband and omnidirectional anti-reflection layer for III/V multi-junction solar cells
SL Diedenhofen, G Grzela, E Haverkamp, G Bauhuis, J Schermer, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 101, 308-314, 2012
Generic nano-imprint process for fabrication of nanowire arrays
A Pierret, M Hocevar, SL Diedenhofen, RE Algra, E Vlieg, EC Timmering, ...
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Epitaxial growth of aligned semiconductor nanowire metamaterials for photonic applications
OL Muskens, SL Diedenhofen, MHM Van Weert, MT Borgström, ...
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Remote trap passivation in colloidal quantum dot bulk nano‐heterojunctions and its effect in solution‐processed solar cells
AK Rath, F Pelayo Garcia de Arquer, A Stavrinadis, T Lasanta, ...
Advanced Materials 26 (27), 4741-4747, 2014
Integrated colloidal quantum dot photodetectors with color-tunable plasmonic nanofocusing lenses
SL Diedenhofen, D Kufer, T Lasanta, G Konstantatos
Light: Science & Applications 4 (1), e234-e234, 2015
Hybrid Solution-Processed Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells Based on Bismuth Sulfide Nanocrystals
G Konstantatos, L Martinez, A Stavrinadis, S Higuchi, SL Diedenhofen, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2013
Surface plasmon polariton couplers for light trapping in thin-film absorbers and their application to colloidal quantum dot optoelectronics
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Controlling the directional emission of light by periodic arrays of heterostructured semiconductor nanowires
SL Diedenhofen, OTA Janssen, M Hocevar, A Pierret, EPAM Bakkers, ...
ACS nano 5 (7), 5830-5837, 2011
Determination of carrier lifetime and mobility in colloidal quantum dot films via impedance spectroscopy
AK Rath, T Lasanta, M Bernechea, SL Diedenhofen, G Konstantatos
Applied Physics Letters 104 (6), 2014
Improved electronic coupling in hybrid organic–inorganic nanocomposites employing thiol-functionalized P3HT and bismuth sulfide nanocrystals
L Martínez, S Higuchi, AJ MacLachlan, A Stavrinadis, N Cates, ...
Nanoscale 6 (17), 10018-10026, 2014
Charge Photogeneration and Transport in AgBiS2 Nanocrystal Films for Photovoltaics
SL Diedenhofen, M Bernechea, KM Felter, FC Grozema, LDA Siebbeles
Solar RRL 3 (8), 1900075, 2019
Mobility and decay dynamics of charge carriers in one-dimensional selenium van der Waals solid
P Bhaskar, AW Achtstein, SL Diedenhofen, LDA Siebbeles
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Optical anisotropy of semiconductor nanowires
JG Rivas, OL Muskens, MT Borgström, SL Diedenhofen, EPAM Bakkers
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Modified reflection in birefringent layers of core–shell semiconductor nanowires
SL Diedenhofen, JG Rivas
Semiconductor science and technology 25 (2), 024008, 2010
SL Diedenhofen, G Vecchi, RE Algra, A Hartsuiker
OL, Immink, G., Bakkers, EP AM, Vos, WL, and Gomez-Rivas, J.,“Broad-band and …, 2009
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