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Organometal halide perovskite solar cell materials rationalized: ultrafast charge generation, high and microsecond-long balanced mobilities, and slow recombination
CS Ponseca Jr, TJ Savenije, M Abdellah, K Zheng, A Yartsev, T Pascher, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (14), 5189-5192, 2014
14.7% efficiency organic photovoltaic cells enabled by active materials with a large electrostatic potential difference
H Yao, Y Cui, D Qian, CS Ponseca Jr, A Honarfar, Y Xu, J Xin, Z Chen, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (19), 7743-7750, 2019
A low-spin Fe(iii) complex with 100-ps ligand-to-metal charge transfer photoluminescence
P Chábera, Y Liu, O Prakash, E Thyrhaug, AE Nahhas, A Honarfar, ...
Nature 543 (7647), 695-699, 2017
Ultrafast electron dynamics in solar energy conversion
CS Ponseca Jr, P Chábera, J Uhlig, P Persson, V Sundstrom
Chemical reviews 117 (16), 10940-11024, 2017
Luminescence and reactivity of a charge-transfer excited iron complex with nanosecond lifetime
KS Kjær, N Kaul, O Prakash, P Chábera, NW Rosemann, A Honarfar, ...
Science 363 (6424), 249-253, 2019
Towards longer-lived metal-to-ligand charge transfer states of iron (II) complexes: an N-heterocyclic carbene approach
Y Liu, T Harlang, SE Canton, P Chábera, K Suárez-Alcántara, ...
Chemical communications 49 (57), 6412-6414, 2013
Photoinduced Charge Carrier Dynamics of Zn−Porphyrin−TiO2 Electrodes: The Key Role of Charge Recombination for Solar Cell Performance
H Imahori, S Kang, H Hayashi, M Haruta, H Kurata, S Isoda, SE Canton, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 115 (16), 3679-3690, 2011
Iron sensitizer converts light to electrons with 92% yield
TCB Harlang, Y Liu, O Gordivska, LA Fredin, CS Ponseca Jr, P Huang, ...
Nature chemistry 7 (11), 883-889, 2015
FeII Hexa N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complex with a 528 ps Metal-to-Ligand Charge-Transfer Excited-State Lifetime
P Chábera, KS Kjaer, O Prakash, A Honarfar, Y Liu, LA Fredin, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 9 (3), 459-463, 2018
Size- and Wavelength-Dependent Two-Photon Absorption Cross-Section of CsPbBr3 Perovskite Quantum Dots
J Chen, K Zidek, P Chábera, D Liu, P Cheng, L Nuuttila, MJ Al-Marri, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 8 (10), 2316-2321, 2017
A Heteroleptic Ferrous Complex with Mesoionic Bis (1, 2, 3‐triazol‐5‐ylidene) Ligands: Taming the MLCT Excited State of Iron (II)
Y Liu, KS Kjær, LA Fredin, P Chábera, T Harlang, SE Canton, S Lidin, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (9), 3628-3639, 2015
Visualizing the non-equilibrium dynamics of photoinduced intramolecular electron transfer with femtosecond X-ray pulses
SE Canton, KS Kjær, G Vankó, TB Van Driel, S Adachi, A Bordage, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 6359, 2015
Role of Adsorption Structures of Zn-Porphyrin on TiO2 in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Studied by Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy and Ultrafast …
S Ye, A Kathiravan, H Hayashi, Y Tong, Y Infahsaeng, P Chabera, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (12), 6066-6080, 2013
Electron transfer in quantum-dot-sensitized ZnO nanowires: ultrafast time-resolved absorption and terahertz study
K Zidek, K Zheng, CS Ponseca Jr, ME Messing, LR Wallenberg, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (29), 12110-12117, 2012
Highly Asymmetrical Porphyrins with Enhanced Push–Pull Character for Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cells
K Kurotobi, Y Toude, K Kawamoto, Y Fujimori, S Ito, P Chabera, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (50), 17075-17081, 2013
Effect of carotenoid structure on excited-state dynamics of carbonyl carotenoids
P Chábera, M Fuciman, P Hříbek, T Polívka
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (39), 8795-8803, 2009
Femtosecond X-Ray Scattering Study of Ultrafast Photoinduced Structural Dynamics in Solvated
E Biasin, TB Van Driel, KS Kjær, AO Dohn, M Christensen, T Harlang, ...
Physical review letters 117 (1), 013002, 2016
Finding intersections between electronic excited state potential energy surfaces with simultaneous ultrafast X-ray scattering and spectroscopy
KS Kjær, TB Van Driel, TCB Harlang, K Kunnus, E Biasin, K Ledbetter, ...
Chemical science 10 (22), 5749-5760, 2019
Ultrafast charge transfer from CdSe quantum dots to p-type NiO: hole injection vs hole trapping
K Zheng, K Zidek, M Abdellah, W Zhang, P Chábera, N Lenngren, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (32), 18462-18471, 2014
Inter-phase charge and energy transfer in Ruddlesden–Popper 2D perovskites: critical role of the spacing cations
K Zheng, Y Chen, Y Sun, J Chen, P Chábera, R Schaller, MJ Al-Marri, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (15), 6244-6250, 2018
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