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Depletion Mode MOSFET Using La-Doped BaSnO3 as a Channel Material
J Yue, A Prakash, MC Robbins, SJ Koester, B Jalan
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (25), 21061-21065, 2018
Demonstration of a Depletion-Mode SrSnO3 n-Channel MESFET
VRSK Chaganti, A Prakash, J Yue, B Jalan, SJ Koester
IEEE Electron Device Letters 39 (9), 1381-1384, 2018
Transparent capacitors based on nanolaminate Al2O3/TiO2/Al2O3 with H2O and O3 as oxidizers
GZ Zhang, H Wu, C Chen, T Wang, PY Wang, LQ Mai, J Yue, C Liu
Applied Physics Letters 104 (16), 2014
Dopant solubility and charge compensation in La-doped SrSnO3 films
T Truttmann, A Prakash, J Yue, TE Mates, B Jalan
Applied Physics Letters 115 (15), 2019
Interconversion of intrinsic defects in SrTi O 3 (001)
SA Chambers, Y Du, Z Zhu, J Wang, MJ Wahila, LFJ Piper, A Prakash, ...
Physical Review B 97 (24), 245204, 2018
Transparent and flexible capacitors based on nanolaminate Al2O3/TiO2/Al2O3
G Zhang, H Wu, C Chen, T Wang, J Yue, C Liu
Nanoscale Research Letters 10, 1-5, 2015
Novel synthesis approach for “stubborn” metals and metal oxides
W Nunn, AK Manjeshwar, J Yue, A Rajapitamahuni, TK Truttmann, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (32), e2105713118, 2021
Electrostatic Control of Insulator–Metal Transition in La-doped SrSnO3 Films
LR Thoutam, J Yue, A Prakash, T Wang, KE Elangovan, B Jalan
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (8), 7666-7670, 2019
Frequency-and temperature-dependent dielectric response in hybrid molecular beam epitaxy-grown BaSnO3 films
W Nunn, A Prakash, A Bhowmik, R Haislmaier, J Yue, JM Garcia Lastra, ...
APL Materials 6 (6), 2018
THz characterization and demonstration of visible-transparent/terahertz-functional electromagnetic structures in ultra-conductive La-doped BaSnO3 Films
S Arezoomandan, A Prakash, A Chanana, J Yue, J Mao, S Blair, A Nahata, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 3577, 2018
Ferromagnetism and spin-dependent transport at a complex oxide interface
Y Ayino, P Xu, J Tigre-Lazo, J Yue, B Jalan, VS Pribiag
Physical Review Materials 2 (3), 031401, 2018
Transparent nanotubular capacitors based on transplanted anodic aluminum oxide templates
G Zhang, H Wu, C Chen, T Wang, W Wu, J Yue, C Liu
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7 (9), 5522-5527, 2015
Disentangling spin-orbit coupling and local magnetism in a quasi-two-dimensional electron system
X Cai, Y Ayino, J Yue, P Xu, B Jalan, VS Pribiag
Physical Review B 100 (8), 081402, 2019
Effects of paramagnetic pair-breaking and spin-orbital coupling on multi-band superconductivity
Y Ayino, J Yue, T Wang, B Jalan, VS Pribiag
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 32 (38), 38LT02, 2020
Epitaxial SrTiO3 films with dielectric constants exceeding 25,000
Z Yang, D Lee, J Yue, J Gabel, TL Lee, RD James, SA Chambers, B Jalan
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (23), e2202189119, 2022
Anomalous transport in high-mobility superconducting SrTiO3 thin films
J Yue, Y Ayino, TK Truttmann, MN Gastiasoro, E Persky, A Khanukov, ...
Science Advances 8 (21), eabl5668, 2022
Electronic structure and small-hole polarons in
J Yue, NF Quackenbush, I Laraib, H Carfagno, S Hameed, A Prakash, ...
Physical Review Materials 4 (11), 112001, 2020
From weak antilocalization to Kondo scattering in a magnetic complex oxide interface
X Cai, J Yue, P Xu, B Jalan, VS Pribiag
Physical Review B 103 (11), 115434, 2021
Mesoporosity in silica films studied by a slow positron beam and ellipsometry
B Xiong, W Mao, J Yue, X Xu, C He
Physics Letters A 378 (3), 249-253, 2014
Hopping transport in // heterostructures
LR Thoutam, J Yue, P Xu, B Jalan
Physical Review Materials 3 (6), 065006, 2019
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