Ali Akbari
Ali Akbari
Harvard Medical School, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
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Large-scale migration into Britain during the Middle to Late Bronze Age
N Patterson, M Isakov, T Booth, L Büster, CE Fischer, I Olalde, ...
Nature 601 (7894), 588-594, 2022
High-altitude adaptation in humans: from genomics to integrative physiology
P Azad, T Stobdan, D Zhou, I Hartley, A Akbari, V Bafna, GG Haddad
Journal of Molecular Medicine 95, 1269-1282, 2017
A unified genealogy of modern and ancient genomes
AW Wohns, Y Wong, B Jeffery, A Akbari, S Mallick, R Pinhasi, N Patterson, ...
Science 375 (6583), eabi8264, 2022
Identifying the favored mutation in a positive selective sweep
A Akbari, JJ Vitti, A Iranmehr, M Bakhtiari, PC Sabeti, S Mirarab, V Bafna
Nature methods 15 (4), 279-282, 2018
A positively selected FBN1 missense variant reduces height in Peruvian individuals
S Asgari, Y Luo, A Akbari, GM Belbin, X Li, DN Harris, M Selig, E Bartell, ...
Nature 582 (7811), 234-239, 2020
New insights into the genetic basis of Monge’s disease and adaptation to high-altitude
T Stobdan, A Akbari, P Azad, D Zhou, O Poulsen, O Appenzeller, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 34 (12), 3154-3168, 2017
Next-Generation Sequencing of Plasmodium vivax Patient Samples Shows Evidence of Direct Evolution in Drug-Resistance Genes
EL Flannery, T Wang, A Akbari, VC Corey, F Gunawan, AT Bright, ...
ACS infectious diseases 1 (8), 367-379, 2015
Clear: Composition of Likelihoods for Evolve and Resequence Experiments
A Iranmehr, A Akbari, C Schlötterer, V Bafna
Genetics 206 (2), 1011-1023, 2017
Predicting carriers of ongoing selective sweeps without knowledge of the favored allele
R Ronen, G Tesler, A Akbari, S Zakov, NA Rosenberg, V Bafna
PLoS genetics 11 (9), e1005527, 2015
Genome-wide data from medieval German Jews show that the Ashkenazi founder event pre-dated the 14th century
S Waldman, D Backenroth, É Harney, S Flohr, NC Neff, GM Buckley, ...
Cell 185 (25), 4703-4716. e16, 2022
No statistical evidence for an effect of CCR5-∆ 32 on lifespan in the UK Biobank cohort
R Maier, A Akbari, X Wei, N Patterson, R Nielsen, D Reich
Nature medicine 26 (2), 178-180, 2020
1,000 ancient genomes uncover 10,000 years of natural selection in Europe
MK Le, OS Smith, A Akbari, A Harpak, D Reich, VM Narasimhan
bioRxiv, 2023
Accurate detection of identity-by-descent segments in human ancient DNA
H Ringbauer, Y Huang, A Akbari, S Mallick, I Olalde, N Patterson, D Reich
Nature Genetics 56 (1), 143-151, 2024
ancIBD-Screening for identity by descent segments in human ancient DNA
H Ringbauer, Y Huang, A Akbari, S Mallick, N Patterson, D Reich
BioRxiv, 2023
The genetic legacy of African Americans from Catoctin Furnace
É Harney, S Micheletti, KS Bruwelheide, WA Freyman, K Bryc, A Akbari, ...
Science 381 (6657), eade4995, 2023
ARID1B, a molecular suppressor of erythropoiesis, is essential for the prevention of Monge’s disease
P Azad, AB Caldwell, S Ramachandran, NJ Spann, A Akbari, ...
Experimental & molecular medicine 54 (6), 777-787, 2022
Postglacial genomes from foragers across Northern Eurasia reveal prehistoric mobility associated with the spread of the Uralic and Yeniseian languages
TC Zeng, LM Vyazov, A Kim, PN Flegontov, K Sirak, R Maier, I Lazaridis, ...
bioRxiv, 2023.10. 01.560332, 2023
Molecular basis of hypoxia-induced excessive erythrocytosis: critical role of SENP1 gene regulation
P Azad, A Akbari, D Zhou, EE Bouhassira, V Bafna, G Haddad
Blood 130, 3481, 2017
Social and genetic diversity in first farmers of central Europe
P Gelabert, P Bickle, D Hofmann, M Teschler-Nicola, A Anders, X Huang, ...
bioRxiv, 2023.07. 07.548126, 2023
Haplotype Allele Frequency (HAF) score: predicting carriers of ongoing selective sweeps without knowledge of the adaptive allele
R Ronen, G Tesler, A Akbari, S Zakov, NA Rosenberg, V Bafna
International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology, 276-280, 2015
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