Yosyp A. Humenyuk
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Extension of hydrodynamic balance equations for simple fluids
YA Humenyuk, MV Tokarchuk
Journal of Statistical Physics 142, 1052-1084, 2011
Separation of dense colloidal suspensions in narrow channels: A stochastic model
YA Humenyuk, M Kotrla, K Netočný, F Slanina
Physical Review E 101 (3), 032608, 2020
Thermodynamic quantities of a low-density gas in the weakly nonequilibrium heat-conduction steady state
YA Humenyuk
Український фізичний журнал, 407-419, 2016
Hydrodynamic equations for dense fluid mixtures with multistep interaction between particles
MV Tokarchuk, YA Humenyuk
Condensed Matter Physics, 2007
Generalized transport equations of diffusion-reaction processes. The nonequilibrium statistical operator method; Uzagal'nenyi ryivnyannya perenosu difuzyijno-reaktsyijnikh …
MV Tokarchuk, JA Gumenyuk, PP Kostrobyij
Zhurnal Fyizichnikh Doslyidzhen' 5, 2001
Analysis of chemical reactions of α-radiolysis, hydrolysis and complex formation in alkali solutions of the object``Shelter". Investigations of transfer coefficients of UO 2 2+ …
IR Yukhnovskii, MV Tokarchuk, OE Kobryn, GS Dmytriv, YA Humenyuk
Journal of Physical Studies 3 (2), 224-236, 1999
Pressure and entropy of hard spheres in the weakly nonequilibrium heat-conduction steady state
YA Humenyuk
arXiv preprint arXiv:1612.07166, 2016
Nonequilibrium statistical operator method: Generalized transport equations of diffusion-reaction processes
PP Kostrobii, MV Tokarchuk, YA Humenyuk
The European Physical Journal B-Condensed Matter and Complex Systems 36, 555-565, 2003
Continuous and discontinuous waves in an ASEP with pockets
YA Humenyuk, M Kotrla, F Slanina
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2021 (3), 033209, 2021
Thermodynamic quantities of the low-density gas in the weakly nonequilibrium heat-conduction steady state in the linear temperature profile approximation
YA Humenyuk
Журнал фізичних досліджень, 1001-1-1001-10, 2017
Limiting Behavior of the Kinetic Theory for Systems with Multistep Interaction
YA Humenyuk, MV Tokarchuk
Відділення фізики і астрономії НАН України, 2010
Hydrodynamic-type transport equation hierarchy for a fluid with a smooth central interparticle interaction
YA Humenyuk, MV Tokarchuk
Derivation of hydrodynamic equations for dense gaseous mixtures with multi-step interaction between particles
MV Tokarchuk, YA Humenyuk
General expressions of the second-order approximation of the Chapman-Enskog method for the Enskog-Landau kinetic equation
MV Tokarchuk, YA Humenyuk
Condensed Matter Physics, 2000
On the form of the kinetic energy balance equation in the kinetic variational theory
YA Humenyuk, MV Tokarchuk
The Journal of chemical physics 133 (1), 2010
Investigation of transfer coefficients for many-component dense systems of neutral and charged hard spheres
AE Kobryn, MV Tokarchuk, YA Humenyuk
arXiv preprint physics/0502125, 2005
Microkinetic simulation of heterogeneous ammonia synthesis. A review
YA Humenyuk
Microkinetic simulation approach in heterogeneous catalysis
YA Humenyuk
Generalized equations of chemical kinetics for weakly non-equilibrium processes
PP Kostrobii, YA Humenyuk, MV Tokarchuk
SIS-2003-063, 2002
The influence of irradiation on transport processes in lava-like fuel-containing masses: mechanism of radiation induced termoactivation
MV Tokarchuk, YA Humenyuk, VV Ignatyuk
SIS-2003-021, 2002
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