Dinesh Kumar Patel
Dinesh Kumar Patel
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Braunschweig, Germany
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Next-generation crossover-free quantum Hall arrays with superconducting interconnections
M Kruskopf, AF Rigosi, AR Panna, M Marzano, D Patel, H Jin, DB Newell, ...
Metrologia 56 (6), 065002, 2019
Two-terminal and multi-terminal designs for next-generation quantized Hall resistance standards: contact material and geometry
M Kruskopf, AF Rigosi, AR Panna, DK Patel, H Jin, M Marzano, M Berilla, ...
IEEE transactions on electron devices 66 (9), 3973-3977, 2019
Atypical quantized resistances in millimeter-scale epitaxial graphene pn junctions
D Patel, AF Rigosi, M Marzano, M Kruskopf, HM Hill, H Jin, J Hu, ...
Carbon 154, 230-237, 2019
Graphene quantum Hall effect parallel resistance arrays
AR Panna, IF Hu, M Kruskopf, DK Patel, DG Jarrett, CI Liu, SU Payagala, ...
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Analytical determination of atypical quantized resistances in graphene pn junctions
AF Rigosi, M Marzano, A Levy, HM Hill, DK Patel, M Kruskopf, H Jin, ...
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Graphene quantum Hall effect devices for AC and DC electrical metrology
M Kruskopf, S Bauer, Y Pimsut, A Chatterjee, DK Patel, AF Rigosi, ...
IEEE transactions on electron devices 68 (7), 3672-3677, 2021
Highly sensitive broadband binary photoresponse in gateless epitaxial graphene on 4H-SiC
S Rathore, DK Patel, MK Thakur, G Haider, M Kalbac, M Kruskopf, CI Liu, ...
Carbon 184, 72-81, 2021
Elucidating charge transport mechanisms in cellulose-stabilized graphene inks
ACM De Moraes, J Obrzut, VK Sangwan, JR Downing, LE Chaney, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8 (43), 15086-15091, 2020
Large, non-saturating magnetoresistance in single layer chemical vapor deposition graphene with an h-BN capping layer
C Chuang, CT Liang, GH Kim, RE Elmquist, Y Yang, YP Hsieh, DK Patel, ...
Carbon 136, 211-216, 2018
Segmented Highly Reversible Thermochromic Layered Perovskite [(CH2)2(NH3)2]CuCl4 Crystal Coupled with an Inverse Magnetocaloric Effect
S Dutta, D Vishnu S. K, S Som, R Chaurasiya, DK Patel, K Moovendaran, ...
ACS Applied Electronic Materials 4 (1), 521-530, 2022
Accessing ratios of quantized resistances in graphene p–n junction devices using multiple terminals
D Patel, M Marzano, CI Liu, HM Hill, M Kruskopf, H Jin, J Hu, DB Newell, ...
AIP Advances 10 (2), 2020
Implementation of a graphene quantum Hall Kelvin bridge-on-a-chip for resistance calibrations
M Marzano, M Kruskopf, AR Panna, AF Rigosi, DK Patel, H Jin, S Cular, ...
Metrologia 57 (1), 015007, 2020
Analysing quantized resistance behaviour in graphene Corbino pn junction devices
CI Liu, DS Scaletta, DK Patel, M Kruskopf, A Levy, HM Hill, AF Rigosi
Journal of physics D: Applied physics 53 (27), 275301, 2020
Quantum Hall resistance dartboards using graphene pn junction devices with Corbino geometries
CI Liu, DK Patel, M Marzano, M Kruskopf, HM Hill, AF Rigosi
AIP Advances 10 (3), 2020
Magnetotransport in hybrid InSe/monolayer graphene on SiC
CY Wang, YW Lin, C Chuang, CH Yang, DK Patel, SZ Chen, CC Yeh, ...
Nanotechnology 32 (15), 155704, 2021
Record‐High Responsivity and High Detectivity Broadband Photodetectors Based on Upconversion/Gold/Prussian‐Blue Nanocomposite
DK Patel, A Gupta, SY Lee, AF Rigosi, RE Elmquist, VNKB Adusumalli, ...
Advanced Functional Materials, 2206496, 2022
Berezinskii–Kosterlitz–Thouless transition in an Al superconducting nanofilm grown on GaAs by molecular beam epitaxy
GM Su, BY Wu, YT Fan, A Kumar, CS Chang, CC Yeh, DK Patel, SD Lin, ...
Nanotechnology 31 (20), 205002, 2020
Graphene quantum Hall effect devices for AC and DC resistance metrology
M Kruskopf, DK Patel, CI Liu, AF Rigosi, RE Elmquist, Y Wang, S Bauer, ...
2020 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements (CPEM), 1-2, 2020
Superconducting contact geometries for next-generation quantized Hall resistance standards
AR Panna, M Kruskopf, AF Rigosi, M Marzano, DK Patel, SU Payagala, ...
2020 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements (CPEM), 1-2, 2020
Enhanced Photoresponsivity of Perovskite QDs/Graphene Hybrid Gate‐Free Photodetector by Morphologically Controlled Plasmonic Au Nanocrystals
SNS Yadav, C Hanmandlu, DK Patel, RK Singh, CY Chen, YY Wang, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 11 (15), 2300131, 2023
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