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The cell cycle control gene cdc2+ of fission yeast encodes a protein kinase potentially regulated by phosphorylation
V Simanis, P Nurse
Cell 45 (2), 261-268, 1986
An immunoaffinity purification procedure for SV40 large T antigen
V Simanis, DP Lane
Virology 144 (1), 88-100, 1985
The S. pombe cdc15 gene is a key element in the reorganization of F-actin at mitosis
C Fankhauser, A Reymond, L Cerutti, S Utzig, K Hofmann, V Simanis
Cell 82 (3), 435-444, 1995
The dmf1/mid1 gene is essential for correct positioning of the division septum in fission yeast.
M Sohrmann, C Fankhauser, C Brodbeck, V Simanis
Genes & development 10 (21), 2707-2719, 1996
The Spg1p GTPase is an essential, dosage-dependent inducer of septum formation in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
S Schmidt, M Sohrmann, K Hofmann, A Woollard, V Simanis
Genes & development 11 (12), 1519-1534, 1997
Asymmetric segregation on spindle poles of the Schizosaccharomyces pombe septum-inducing protein kinase Cdc7p
M Sohrmann, S Schmidt, I Hagan, V Simanis
Genes & development 12 (1), 84-94, 1998
Noninvasive characterization of the fission yeast cell cycle by monitoring dry mass with digital holographic microscopy
B Rappaz, E Cano, T Colomb, J Kühn, C Depeursinge, V Simanis, ...
Journal of biomedical optics 14 (3), 034049-034049-5, 2009
The control of septum formation in fission yeast
KL Gould, V Simanis
Genes & development 11 (22), 2939-2951, 1997
PSTPIP: a tyrosine phosphorylated cleavage furrow–associated protein that is a substrate for a PEST tyrosine phosphatase
S Spencer, D Dowbenko, J Cheng, W Li, J Brush, S Utzig, V Simanis, ...
The Journal of cell biology 138 (4), 845-860, 1997
The cdc7 protein kinase is a dosage dependent regulator of septum formation in fission yeast.
C Fankhauser, V Simanis
The EMBO journal 13 (13), 3011-3019, 1994
Fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe correctly excises a mammalian RNA transcript intervening sequence
NF Käufer, V Simanis, P Nurse
Nature 318 (6041), 78-80, 1985
The COP9/signalosome complex is conserved in fission yeast and has a role in S phase
KE Mundt, J Porte, JM Murray, C Brikos, PU Christensen, T Caspari, ...
Current biology 9 (23), 1427-1433, 1999
Flp1, a fission yeast orthologue of the S. cerevisiae CDC14 gene, is not required for cyclin degradation or rum1p stabilisation at the end of mitosis
N Cueille, E Salimova, V Esteban, M Blanco, S Moreno, A Bueno, ...
Journal of cell science 114 (14), 2649-2664, 2001
The S. pombe cdc16 gene is required both for maintenance of p34cdc2 kinase activity and regulation of septum formation: a link between mitosis and cytokinesis?
C Fankhauser, J Marks, A Reymond, V Simanis
The EMBO journal 12 (7), 2697-2704, 1993
p53 interacts with p34cdc2 in mammalian cells: implications for cell cycle control and oncogenesis.
HW Stürzbecher, T Maimets, P Chumakov, R Brain, C Addison, V Simanis, ...
Oncogene 5 (6), 795-781, 1990
The Drosophila cdc25 homolog twine is required for meiosis
C Courtot, C Fankhauser, V Simanis, CF Lehner
Development 116 (2), 405-416, 1992
Mid1p/anillin and the septation initiation network orchestrate contractile ring assembly for cytokinesis
O Hachet, V Simanis
Genes & development 22 (22), 3205-3216, 2008
Events at the end of mitosis in the budding and fission yeasts
V Simanis
Journal of cell science 116 (21), 4263-4275, 2003
Analysis of the cps1 gene provides evidence for a septation checkpoint in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
X Le Goff, A Woollard, V Simanis
Molecular and General Genetics MGG 262 (1), 163-172, 1999
SIN and the art of splitting the fission yeast cell
A Krapp, MP Gulli, V Simanis
Current Biology 14 (17), R722-R730, 2004
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