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Thomas E. Smithgall
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Constitutive activation of Stat3 in fibroblasts transformed by diverse oncoproteins and in breast carcinoma cells
R Garcia, CL Yu, A Hudnall, R Catlett, KL Nelson, T Smithgall, DJ Fujita, ...
American Association for Cancer Research, 1997
A pathway of multi-chaperone interactions common to diverse regulatory proteins: estrogen receptor, Fes tyrosine kinase, heat shock transcription factor Hsf1, and the aryl …
SC Nair, EJ Toran, RA Rimerman, S Hjermstad, TE Smithgall, DF Smith
Cell stress & chaperones 1 (4), 237, 1996
Phosphotyrosine-dependent coupling of Tim-3 to T-cell receptor signaling pathways
J Lee, EW Su, C Zhu, S Hainline, J Phuah, JA Moroco, TE Smithgall, ...
Molecular and cellular biology, 2011
Zebrafish chemical screening reveals an inhibitor of Dusp6 that expands cardiac cell lineages
G Molina, A Vogt, A Bakan, W Dai, PQ De Oliveira, W Znosko, ...
Nature chemical biology 5 (9), 680-687, 2009
The Src family kinase Hck couples BCR/ABL to STAT5 activation in myeloid leukemia cells
A Klejman, SJ Schreiner, M Nieborowska-Skorska, A Slupianek, M Wilson, ...
The EMBO journal 21 (21), 5766-5774, 2002
SH3-mediated Hck tyrosine kinase activation and fibroblast transformation by the Nef protein of HIV-1
SD Briggs, M Sharkey, M Stevenson, TE Smithgall
Journal of Biological Chemistry 272 (29), 17899-17902, 1997
Activation of Stat3 in v-Src-transformed fibroblasts requires cooperation of Jak1 kinase activity
Y Zhang, J Turkson, C Carter-Su, T Smithgall, A Levitzki, A Kraker, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 275 (32), 24935-24944, 2000
Src kinases mediate STAT growth pathways in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck
S Xi, Q Zhang, KF Dyer, EC Lerner, TE Smithgall, WE Gooding, J Kamens, ...
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Phosphorylation-dependent human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection and nuclear targeting of viral DNA.
AG Bukrinskaya, A Ghorpade, NK Heinzinger, TE Smithgall, RE Lewis, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 93 (1), 367-371, 1996
Structure and dynamic regulation of Src-family kinases
JR Engen, TE Wales, JM Hochrein, MA Meyn, S Banu Ozkan, I Bahar, ...
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 65, 3058-3073, 2008
Control of myeloid differentiation and survival by Stats
TE Smithgall, SD Briggs, S Schreiner, EC Lerner, H Cheng, MB Wilson
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SRC family kinases mediate epidermal growth factor receptor ligand cleavage, proliferation, and invasion of head and neck cancer cells
Q Zhang, SM Thomas, S Xi, TE Smithgall, JM Siegfried, J Kamens, ...
Cancer research 64 (17), 6166-6173, 2004
A dynamic G-quadruplex region regulates the HIV-1 long terminal repeat promoter
R Perrone, M Nadai, I Frasson, JA Poe, E Butovskaya, TE Smithgall, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 56 (16), 6521-6530, 2013
Involvement of Jak2 tyrosine phosphorylation in Bcr–Abl transformation
S Xie, Y Wang, J Liu, T Sun, MB Wilson, TE Smithgall, RB Arlinghaus
Oncogene 20 (43), 6188-6195, 2001
Activation of STAT3 by the Src family kinase Hck requires a functional SH3 domain
SJ Schreiner, AP Schiavone, TE Smithgall
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (47), 45680-45687, 2002
Spectroscopic identification of ortho-quinones as the products of polycyclic aromatic trans-dihydrodiol oxidation catalyzed by dihydrodiol dehydrogenase. A potential route of …
TE Smithgall, RG Harvey, TM Penning
Journal of Biological Chemistry 263 (4), 1814-1820, 1988
Phosphorylation of TNF-α converting enzyme by gastrin-releasing peptide induces amphiregulin release and EGF receptor activation
Q Zhang, SM Thomas, VWY Lui, S Xi, JM Siegfried, H Fan, TE Smithgall, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (18), 6901-6906, 2006
HIV-1 Nef selectively activates Src family kinases Hck, Lyn, and c-Src through direct SH3 domain interaction
RP Trible, L Emert-Sedlak, TE Smithgall
Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (37), 27029-27038, 2006
Selective pyrrolo-pyrimidine inhibitors reveal a necessary role for Src family kinases in Bcr–Abl signal transduction and oncogenesis
MB Wilson, SJ Schreiner, HJ Choi, J Kamens, TE Smithgall
Oncogene 21 (53), 8075-8088, 2002
Regio-and stereospecificity of homogeneous 3 alpha-hydroxysteroid-dihydrodiol dehydrogenase for trans-dihydrodiol metabolites of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
TE Smithgall, RG Harvey, TM Penning
Journal of Biological Chemistry 261 (14), 6184-6191, 1986
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