Marissa Pérez Alvarez
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Se nanoparticles induce changes in the growth, antioxidant responses, and fruit quality of tomato developed under NaCl stress
MC Morales-Espinoza, G Cadenas-Pliego, M Pérez-Alvarez, ...
Molecules 24 (17), 3030, 2019
Oxidation of copper nanoparticles protected with different coatings and stored under ambient conditions
N Jardón-Maximino, M Pérez-Alvarez, R Sierra-Ávila, CA Ávila-Orta, ...
Journal of Nanomaterials 2018 (1), 9512768, 2018
Study of three different families of water-soluble copolymers: synthesis, characterization and viscoelastic behavior of semidilute solutions of polymers prepared by solution …
EJ Jiménez-Regalado, G Cadenas-Pliego, M Pérez-Álvarez, ...
Polymer 45 (6), 1993-2000, 2004
Synthesis of copper nanoparticles using mixture of allylamine and polyallylamine
R Sierra-Ávila, M Pérez-Alvarez, G Cadenas-Pliego, V Comparán Padilla, ...
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Synthesis of copper nanoparticles coated with nitrogen ligands
R Sierra-Ávila, M Pérez-Alvarez, G Cadenas-Pliego, CA Ávila-Orta, ...
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Green synthesis of copper nanoparticles using cotton
M Pérez-Alvarez, G Cadenas-Pliego, O Pérez-Camacho, ...
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Seed priming with carbon nanomaterials to modify the germination, growth, and antioxidant status of tomato seedlings
ER López-Vargas, Y González-García, M Pérez-Álvarez, ...
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Melt-mixed thermoplastic nanocomposite containing carbon nanotubes and titanium dioxide for flame retardancy applications
C Cabello-Alvarado, P Reyes-Rodríguez, M Andrade-Guel, ...
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Graphene nanoplatelets modified with amino-groups by ultrasonic radiation of variable frequency for potential adsorption of uremic toxins
C Cabello-Alvarado, M Andrade-Guel, M Pérez-Alvarez, ...
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Antimicrobial property of polypropylene composites and functionalized copper nanoparticles
N Jardón-Maximino, G Cadenas-Pliego, CA Ávila-Orta, ...
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Synthesis of copper nanoparticles stabilized with organic ligands and their antimicrobial properties
N Jardón-Maximino, M Pérez-Alvarez, G Cadenas-Pliego, LE Lugo-Uribe, ...
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Synthesis and Thermomechanical Characterization of Nylon 6/Cu Nanocomposites Produced by an Ultrasound‐Assisted Extrusion Method
R Sierra-Ávila, M Pérez-Alvarez, J Valdez-Garza, CA Avila-Orta, ...
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 2018 (1), 4792735, 2018
Seed priming with carbon nanomaterials improves the bioactive compounds of tomato plants under saline stress
Y González-García, ER López-Vargas, M Pérez-Álvarez, ...
Plants 11 (15), 1984, 2022
Synthesis of nylon 6/modified carbon black nanocomposites for application in uric acid adsorption
M Andrade-Guel, CA Ávila-Orta, G Cadenas-Pliego, CJ Cabello-Alvarado, ...
Materials 13 (22), 5173, 2020
Green Flame-Retardant Composites Based on PP/TiO2/Lignin Obtained by Melt-Mixing Extrusion
M Andrade-Guel, C Cabello-Alvarado, CA Avila-Orta, M Pérez-Alvarez, ...
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A theoretical study of crude oil emulsions stability due to supramolecular assemblies
R Cisneros-Dévora, R Cerón-Camacho, E Soto-Castruita, ...
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Non-woven fabrics based on nanocomposite nylon 6/ZnO obtained by ultrasound-assisted extrusion for improved antimicrobial and adsorption methylene blue dye properties
M Andrade-Guel, CA Ávila-Orta, C Cabello-Alvarado, G Cadenas-Pliego, ...
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Characterization and rheological properties of dilute-solutions of three different families of water-soluble copolymers prepared by solution polymerization
EJ Jiménez-Regalado, G Cadenas-Pliego, M Pérez-Álvarez, ...
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Cómo percibe el alumnado algunas interacciones entre ciencia-tecnología-género-sociedad
M Álvarez, G Soneira, I Pizarro
Enseñanza de las ciencias: revista de investigación y experiencias …, 1993
Molecular modeling, synthesis and characterization of branched geminal zwitterionic liquids for enhanced oil recovery
R Cisneros-Dévora, DA Nieto-Álvarez, R Cerón-Camacho, ...
Arabian Journal of Chemistry 12 (8), 4212-4219, 2019
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