Qingqing Cheng
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Observation of anomalous π modes in photonic Floquet engineering
Q Cheng, Y Pan, H Wang, C Zhang, D Yu, A Gover, H Zhang, T Li, L Zhou, ...
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A 14× 14 μm2 footprint polarization-encoded quantum controlled-NOT gate based on hybrid waveguide
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High extinction ratio electromagnetically induced transparency analogue based on the radiation suppression of dark modes
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One-minute self-assembly of millimetre-long DAST crystalline microbelts via substrate-supported rapid evaporation crystallization
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Phase transition of non-Hermitian topological edge states in microwave regime
Y Yu, W Song, C Chen, T Chen, H Ye, X Shen, Q Cheng, T Li
Applied Physics Letters 116 (21), 2020
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