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Histone deacetylase 6 inhibition compensates for the transport deficit in Huntington's disease by increasing tubulin acetylation
JP Dompierre, JD Godin, BC Charrin, FP Cordelieres, SJ King, S Humbert, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 27 (13), 3571-3583, 2007
Huntingtin is required for mitotic spindle orientation and mammalian neurogenesis
JD Godin, K Colombo, M Molina-Calavita, G Keryer, D Zala, BC Charrin, ...
Neuron 67 (3), 392-406, 2010
A dynamic unfolded protein response contributes to the control of cortical neurogenesis
S Laguesse, C Creppe, DD Nedialkova, PP Prévot, L Borgs, S Huysseune, ...
Developmental cell 35 (5), 553-567, 2015
Mutant huntingtin‐impaired degradation of β‐catenin causes neurotoxicity in Huntington's disease
JD Godin, G Poizat, MA Hickey, F Maschat, S Humbert
The EMBO journal 29 (14), 2433-2445, 2010
Mutations in the HECT domain of NEDD4L lead to AKT–mTOR pathway deregulation and cause periventricular nodular heterotopia
L Broix, H Jagline, EL Ivanova, S Schmucker, N Drouot, J Clayton-Smith, ...
Nature genetics 48 (11), 1349-1358, 2016
p27Kip1 is a microtubule-associated protein that promotes microtubule polymerization during neuron migration
JD Godin, N Thomas, S Laguesse, L Malinouskaya, P Close, O Malaise, ...
Developmental cell 23 (4), 729-744, 2012
WD40-repeat 47, a microtubule-associated protein, is essential for brain development and autophagy
M Kannan, E Bayam, C Wagner, B Rinaldi, PF Kretz, P Tilly, M Roos, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (44), E9308-E9317, 2017
MicroRNA targeting of CoREST controls polarization of migrating cortical neurons
ML Volvert, PP Prévot, P Close, S Laguesse, S Pirotte, J Hemphill, ...
Cell reports 7 (4), 1168-1183, 2014
Dopaminergic neurons differentiating from LRRK2 G2019S induced pluripotent stem cells show early neuritic branching defects
L Borgs, E Peyre, P Alix, K Hanon, B Grobarczyk, JD Godin, A Purnelle, ...
Scientific reports 6, 33377, 2016
Emerging roles for the unfolded protein response in the developing nervous system
JD Godin, C Creppe, S Laguesse, L Nguyen
Trends in neurosciences 39 (6), 394-404, 2016
Huntingtin mediates anxiety/depression-related behaviors and hippocampal neurogenesis
KB M'Barek, P Pla, S Orvoen, C Benstaali, JD Godin, AM Gardier, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 33 (20), 8608-8620, 2013
Mutations in the KIF21B kinesin gene cause neurodevelopmental disorders through imbalanced canonical motor activity
L Asselin, JR Alvarez, S Heide, CS Bonnet, P Tilly, H Vitet, C Weber, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-18, 2020
p27kip1 modulates axonal transport by regulating α-tubulin acetyltransferase 1 stability
G Morelli, A Even, I Gladwyn-Ng, R Le Bail, M Shilian, JD Godin, E Peyre, ...
Cell reports 23 (8), 2429-2442, 2018
Ciliogenesis and cell cycle alterations contribute to KIF2A-related malformations of cortical development
L Broix, L Asselin, CG Silva, EL Ivanova, P Tilly, JG Gilet, N Lebrun, ...
Human molecular genetics 27 (2), 224-238, 2018
Elongator controls cortical interneuron migration by regulating actomyosin dynamics
S Tielens, S Huysseune, JD Godin, A Chariot, B Malgrange, L Nguyen
Cell research 26 (10), 1131-1148, 2016
The structure of the mouse ADAT2/ADAT3 complex reveals the molecular basis for mammalian tRNA wobble adenosine-to-inosine deamination
E Ramos-Morales, E Bayam, J Del-Pozo-Rodríguez, T Salinas-Giegé, ...
Nucleic acids research 49 (11), 6529-6548, 2021
TUBG1 missense variants underlying cortical malformations disrupt neuronal locomotion and microtubule dynamics but not neurogenesis
EL Ivanova, JG Gilet, V Sulimenko, A Duchon, G Rudolf, K Runge, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-18, 2019
Novel functions of core cell cycle regulators in neuronal migration
JD Godin, L Nguyen
Cellular and Molecular Control of Neuronal Migration, 59-74, 2014
Mitotic spindle: focus on the function of huntingtin
JD Godin, S Humbert
The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology 43 (6), 852-856, 2011
Real‐time recordings of migrating cortical neurons from GFP and Cre recombinase expressing mice
S Tielens, JD Godin, L Nguyen
Current protocols in neuroscience 74 (1), 3.29. 1-3.29. 23, 2016
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