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Eero Hirvijoki
Aalto University
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ASCOT: Solving the kinetic equation of minority particle species in tokamak plasmas
E Hirvijoki, O Asunta, T Koskela, T Kurki-Suonio, J Miettunen, S Sipilä, ...
Computer Physics Communications 185 (4), 1310-1321, 2014
Effective critical electric field for runaway-electron generation
A Stahl, E Hirvijoki, J Decker, O Embréus, T Fülöp
Physical Review Letters 114 (11), 115002, 2015
Role of kinetic instability in runaway-electron avalanches and elevated critical electric fields
C Liu, E Hirvijoki, GY Fu, DP Brennan, A Bhattacharjee, C Paz-Soldan
Physical review letters 120 (26), 265001, 2018
Numerical characterization of bump formation in the runaway electron tail
J Decker, E Hirvijoki, O Embreus, Y Peysson, A Stahl, I Pusztai, T Fülöp
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 58 (2), 025016, 2016
Magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in the plasmoid-mediated regime
L Comisso, YM Huang, M Lingam, E Hirvijoki, A Bhattacharjee
The Astrophysical Journal 854 (2), 103, 2018
Effect of plasma response on the fast ion losses due to ELM control coils in ITER
J Varje, O Asunta, M Cavinato, M Gagliardi, E Hirvijoki, T Koskela, ...
Nuclear Fusion 56 (4), 046014, 2016
Monte Carlo implementation of a guiding-center Fokker-Planck kinetic equation
E Hirvijoki, A Brizard, A Snicker, T Kurki-Suonio
Physics of Plasmas 20 (9), 2013
Radiation reaction induced non-monotonic features in runaway electron distributions
E Hirvijoki, I Pusztai, J Decker, O Embréus, A Stahl, T Fülöp
Journal of Plasma Physics 81 (5), 475810502, 2015
Metriplectic integrators for the Landau collision operator
M Kraus, E Hirvijoki
Physics of Plasmas 24 (10), 2017
Conservative discretization of the Landau collision integral
E Hirvijoki, MF Adams
Physics of Plasmas 24 (3), 2017
The effects of kinetic instabilities on the electron cyclotron emission from runaway electrons
C Liu, L Shi, E Hirvijoki, DP Brennan, A Bhattacharjee, C Paz-Soldan, ...
Nuclear Fusion 58 (9), 096030, 2018
Fast ion power loads on ITER first wall structures in the presence of NTMs and microturbulence
T Kurki-Suonio, O Asunta, E Hirvijoki, T Koskela, A Snicker, T Hauff, ...
Nuclear Fusion 51 (8), 083041, 2011
Protecting ITER walls: fast ion power loads in 3D magnetic field
T Kurki-Suonio, K Särkimäki, S Äkäslompolo, J Varje, Y Liu, S Sipilä, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 59 (1), 014013, 2016
The effect of non-axisymmetric wall geometry on 13C transport in ASDEX Upgrade
J Miettunen, T Kurki-Suonio, T Makkonen, M Groth, A Hakola, E Hirvijoki, ...
Nuclear Fusion 52 (3), 032001, 2012
Guiding-centre transformation of the radiation–reaction force in a non-uniform magnetic field
E Hirvijoki, J Decker, AJ Brizard, O Embréus
Journal of Plasma Physics 81 (5), 475810504, 2015
High-performance orbit-following code ASCOT5 for Monte Carlo simulations in fusion plasmas
J Varje, K Särkimäki, J Kontula, P Ollus, T Kurki-Suonio, A Snicker, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1908.02482, 2019
An advection–diffusion model for cross-field runaway electron transport in perturbed magnetic fields
K Särkimäki, E Hirvijoki, J Decker, J Varje, T Kurki-Suonio
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 58 (12), 125017, 2016
Alfvén eigenmodes and neoclassical tearing modes for orbit-following implementations
E Hirvijoki, A Snicker, T Korpilo, P Lauber, E Poli, M Schneller, ...
Computer Physics Communications 183 (12), 2589-2593, 2012
ITER edge-localized modes control coils: the effect on fast ion losses and edge confinement properties
T Koskela, O Asunta, E Hirvijoki, T Kurki-Suonio, S Äkäslompolo
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 54 (10), 105008, 2012
Exact collisional moments for plasma fluid theories
D Pfefferle, E Hirvijoki, M Lingam
Physics of Plasmas 24 (4), 2017
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