Jakub K. Sowa
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Beyond Marcus theory and the Landauer-Büttiker approach in molecular junctions: A unified framework
JK Sowa, JA Mol, GAD Briggs, EM Gauger
The Journal of chemical physics 149 (15), 2018
Electron spin relaxation can enhance the performance of a cryptochrome-based magnetic compass sensor
DR Kattnig, JK Sowa, IA Solov'yov, PJ Hore
New Journal of Physics 18 (6), 063007, 2016
Distinguishing lead and molecule states in graphene-based single-electron transistors
P Gehring, JK Sowa, J Cremers, Q Wu, H Sadeghi, Y Sheng, JH Warner, ...
ACS nano 11 (6), 5325-5331, 2017
Understanding resonant charge transport through weakly coupled single-molecule junctions
JO Thomas, B Limburg, JK Sowa, K Willick, J Baugh, GAD Briggs, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 4628, 2019
Complete mapping of the thermoelectric properties of a single molecule
P Gehring, JK Sowa, C Hsu, J de Bruijckere, M van der Star, JJ Le Roy, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 16 (4), 426-430, 2021
Vibrational effects in charge transport through a molecular double quantum dot
JK Sowa, JA Mol, GAD Briggs, EM Gauger
Phys. Rev. B 95 (8), 085423, 2017
Light-triggered switching of quantum dot photoluminescence through excited-state electron transfer to surface-bound photochromic molecules
S Padgaonkar, CT Eckdahl, JK Sowa, R López-Arteaga, ...
Nano letters 21 (1), 854-860, 2021
Environment-assisted quantum transport through single-molecule junctions
JK Sowa, JA Mol, GAD Briggs, EM Gauger
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (43), 29534-29539, 2017
Marcus theory of thermoelectricity in molecular junctions
JK Sowa, JA Mol, EM Gauger
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (7), 4103-4108, 2019
Beyond Marcus theory and the Landauer–Büttiker approach in molecular junctions. II. A self-consistent Born approach
JK Sowa, N Lambert, T Seideman, EM Gauger
The Journal of Chemical Physics 152 (6), 2020
Spiro-conjugated molecular junctions: Between Jahn–Teller distortion and destructive quantum interference
JK Sowa, JA Mol, GAD Briggs, EM Gauger
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 9 (8), 1859-1865, 2018
Charge-state assignment of nanoscale single-electron transistors from their current–voltage characteristics
B Limburg, JO Thomas, JK Sowa, K Willick, J Baugh, EM Gauger, ...
Nanoscale 11 (31), 14820-14827, 2019
Role of metallic leads and electronic degeneracies in thermoelectric power generation in quantum dots
A Harzheim, JK Sowa, JL Swett, GAD Briggs, JA Mol, P Gehring
Physical Review Research 2 (1), 013140, 2020
On the theory of charge transport and entropic effects in solvated molecular junctions
JK Sowa, RA Marcus
The Journal of Chemical Physics 154 (3), 2021
Charge transport through extended molecular wires with strongly correlated electrons
JO Thomas, JK Sowa, B Limburg, X Bian, C Evangeli, JL Swett, S Tewari, ...
Chemical Science 12 (33), 11121-11129, 2021
Aggregation of charge acceptors on nanocrystal surfaces alters rates of photoinduced electron transfer
DM Cadena, JK Sowa, DE Cotton, CD Wight, CL Hoffman, HR Wagner, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 144 (49), 22676-22688, 2022
Photoisomerization-coupled electron transfer
JK Sowa, EA Weiss, T Seideman
The Journal of Chemical Physics 153 (3), 2020
Charge-state dependent vibrational relaxation in a single-molecule junction
X Bian, Z Chen, JK Sowa, C Evangeli, B Limburg, JL Swett, J Baugh, ...
Physical Review Letters 129 (20), 207702, 2022
Exploring Configurations of Nanocrystal Ligands Using Machine-Learned Force Fields
JK Sowa, ST Roberts, PJ Rossky
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 14 (32), 7215-7222, 2023
Accumulation and ordering of P3HT oligomers at the liquid–vapor interface with implications for thin-film morphology
JK Sowa, TC Allen, PJ Rossky
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 25 (31), 20808-20816, 2023
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