Atsushi Tsukazaki
Atsushi Tsukazaki
Quantum-Phase Electronics Center and Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo
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Repeated temperature modulation epitaxy for p-type doping and light-emitting diode based on ZnO
A Tsukazaki, A Ohtomo, T Onuma, M Ohtani, T Makino, M Sumiya, ...
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Magnetic topological insulators
Y Tokura, K Yasuda, A Tsukazaki
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Quantum Hall effect in polar oxide heterostructures
A Tsukazaki, A Ohtomo, T Kita, Y Ohno, H Ohno, M Kawasaki
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High‐density carrier accumulation in ZnO field‐effect transistors gated by electric double layers of ionic liquids
H Yuan, H Shimotani, A Tsukazaki, A Ohtomo, M Kawasaki, Y Iwasa
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Trajectory of the anomalous Hall effect towards the quantized state in a ferromagnetic topological insulator
JG Checkelsky, R Yoshimi, A Tsukazaki, KS Takahashi, Y Kozuka, ...
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Blue light-emitting diode based on ZnO
A Tsukazaki, M Kubota, A Ohtomo, T Onuma, K Ohtani, H Ohno, ...
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Fermi-level-dependent charge-to-spin current conversion by Dirac surface states of topological insulators
K Kondou, R Yoshimi, A Tsukazaki, Y Fukuma, J Matsuno, KS Takahashi, ...
Nature Physics 12 (11), 1027-1031, 2016
Robust formation of skyrmions and topological Hall effect anomaly in epitaxial thin films of MnSi
Y Li, N Kanazawa, XZ Yu, A Tsukazaki, M Kawasaki, M Ichikawa, XF Jin, ...
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Observation of the fractional quantum Hall effect in an oxide
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A magnetic heterostructure of topological insulators as a candidate for an axion insulator
M Mogi, M Kawamura, R Yoshimi, A Tsukazaki, Y Kozuka, N Shirakawa, ...
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Electric-field-induced superconductivity in electrochemically etched ultrathin FeSe films on SrTiO3 and MgO
J Shiogai, Y Ito, T Mitsuhashi, T Nojima, A Tsukazaki
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Correlation between the photoluminescence lifetime and defect density in bulk and epitaxial ZnO
T Koida, SF Chichibu, A Uedono, A Tsukazaki, M Kawasaki, T Sota, ...
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Electrostatic and electrochemical nature of liquid-gated electric-double-layer transistors based on oxide semiconductors
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Pulsed laser deposition of thin films and superlattices based on ZnO
A Ohtomo, A Tsukazaki
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Nitrogen doped single heterostructure ultraviolet light-emitting diodes on ZnO substrates
K Nakahara, S Akasaka, H Yuji, K Tamura, T Fujii, Y Nishimoto, ...
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Insulator-to-metal transition in ZnO by electric double layer gating
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Quantum Hall effect in a bulk antiferromagnet EuMnBi2 with magnetically confined two-dimensional Dirac fermions
H Masuda, H Sakai, M Tokunaga, Y Yamasaki, A Miyake, J Shiogai, ...
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Gallium concentration dependence of room-temperature near-band-edge luminescence in -type
T Makino, Y Segawa, S Yoshida, A Tsukazaki, A Ohtomo, M Kawasaki
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Quantum Hall effect on top and bottom surface states of topological insulator (Bi1− xSbx) 2Te3 films
R Yoshimi, A Tsukazaki, Y Kozuka, J Falson, KS Takahashi, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-6, 2015
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