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2D transition metal dichalcogenides
S Manzeli, D Ovchinnikov, D Pasquier, OV Yazyev, A Kis
Nature Reviews Materials 2 (8), 1-15, 2017
Single-layer MoS2 nanopores as nanopower generators
J Feng, M Graf, K Liu, D Ovchinnikov, D Dumcenco, M Heiranian, ...
Nature 536 (7615), 197-200, 2016
Large-area epitaxial monolayer MoS2
D Dumcenco*, D Ovchinnikov*, K Marinov*, P Lazic, M Gibertini, ...
ACS nano 9 (4), 4611-4620, 2015
Electrical Transport Properties of Single-Layer WS2
D Ovchinnikov, A Allain, YS Huang, D Dumcenco, A Kis
ACS nano 8 (8), 8174-8181, 2014
Ferromagnetism Near Room Temperature in the Cleavable van der Waals Crystal Fe5GeTe2
AF May, D Ovchinnikov, Q Zheng, R Hermann, S Calder, B Huang, Z Fei, ...
ACS nano 13 (4), 4436-4442, 2019
Thickness-modulated metal-to-semiconductor transformation in a transition metal dichalcogenide
A Ciarrocchi, A Avsar, D Ovchinnikov, A Kis
Nature communications 9 (1), 919, 2018
Suppressing Nucleation in Metal–Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition of MoS2 Monolayers by Alkali Metal Halides
HK Kim, D Ovchinnikov, D Deiana, D Unuchek, A Kis
Nano letters 17 (8), 5056-5063, 2017
Valley polarization by spin injection in a light-emitting van der Waals heterojunction
OL Sanchez, D Ovchinnikov, S Misra, A Allain, A Kis
Nano letters 16 (9), 5792-5797, 2016
Intertwined Topological and Magnetic Orders in Atomically Thin Chern Insulator MnBi2Te4
D Ovchinnikov*, X Huang*, Z Lin*, Z Fei*, J Cai, T Song, M He, Q Jiang, ...
Nano letters 21 (6), 2544-2550, 2021
Disorder engineering and conductivity dome in ReS2 with electrolyte gating
D Ovchinnikov, F Gargiulo, A Allain, DJ Pasquier, D Dumcenco, CH Ho, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 12391, 2016
Large-area MoS2 grown using H2S as the sulphur source
D Dumcenco, D Ovchinnikov, OL Sanchez, P Gillet, DTL Alexander, ...
2D Materials 2 (4), 044005, 2015
Highly Oriented Atomically Thin Ambipolar MoSe2 Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
MW Chen, D Ovchinnikov, S Lazar, M Pizzochero, MB Whitwick, ...
ACS nano 11 (6), 6355-6361, 2017
Large-grain MBE-grown GaSe on GaAs with a Mexican hat-like valence band dispersion
MW Chen, HK Kim, D Ovchinnikov, A Kuc, T Heine, O Renault, A Kis
npj 2D Materials and Applications 2 (1), 2, 2018
Even–Odd Layer-Dependent Anomalous Hall Effect in Topological Magnet MnBi2Te4 Thin Films
YF Zhao, LJ Zhou, F Wang, G Wang, T Song, D Ovchinnikov, H Yi, R Mei, ...
Nano letters 21 (18), 7691-7698, 2021
Electric control of a canted-antiferromagnetic Chern insulator
J Cai*, D Ovchinnikov*, Z Fei, M He, T Song, Z Lin, C Wang, D Cobden, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 1-7, 2022
Non equilibrium anisotropic excitons in atomically thin ReS2
JM Urban, M Baranowski, A Kuc, A Surrente, Y Ma, D Włodarczyk, ...
2D Materials 6 (1), 015012, 2018
Unconventional electroabsorption in monolayer MoS2
D Vella, D Ovchinnikov, N Martino, V Vega-Mayoral, D Dumcenco, ...
2D Materials 4 (2), 021005, 2017
Every-other-layer dipolar excitons in a spin-valley locked superlattice
Y Zhang, C Xiao, D Ovchinnikov, J Zhu, X Wang, T Taniguchi, ...
Nature nanotechnology 18 (5), 501-506, 2023
Magneto-ballistic transport in GaN nanowires
G Santoruvo, A Allain, D Ovchinnikov, E Matioli
Applied Physics Letters 109 (10), 2016
Correlation between structural and bioactive properties of titanium dioxide formed by atomic layer deposition
AA Solovyev, DV Ovchinnikov, EV Korostelev, AM Markeev
Nanotechnologies in Russia 8 (5), 388-391, 2013
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