Guido Pupillo
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Condensed matter theory of dipolar quantum gases
MA Baranov, M Dalmonte, G Pupillo, P Zoller
Chemical Reviews 112 (9), 5012-5061, 2012
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E Haller, M Gustavsson, MJ Mark, JG Danzl, R Hart, G Pupillo, HC Nägerl
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Strongly Correlated 2D Quantum Phases with Cold Polar Molecules:<? format?> Controlling the Shape of the Interaction Potential
HP Büchler, E Demler, M Lukin, A Micheli, N Prokof’Ev, G Pupillo, P Zoller
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Conductivity in organic semiconductors hybridized with the vacuum field
E Orgiu, J George, JA Hutchison, E Devaux, JF Dayen, B Doudin, ...
Nature Materials 14 (11), 1123-1129, 2015
Coherent coupling of molecular resonators with a microcavity mode
A Shalabney, J George, J Hutchison, G Pupillo, C Genet, TW Ebbesen
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G Pupillo, A Micheli, M Boninsegni, I Lesanovsky, P Zoller
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Quantum phases of cold polar molecules in 2D optical lattices
B Capogrosso-Sansone, C Trefzger, M Lewenstein, P Zoller, G Pupillo
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M Müller, S Diehl, G Pupillo, P Zoller
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On the absorption spectrum of noble gases at the arc spectrum limit
U Fano, G Pupillo, A Zannoni, CW Clark
Journal of research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology …, 2005
Supersolid droplet crystal in a dipole-blockaded gas
F Cinti, P Jain, M Boninsegni, A Micheli, P Zoller, G Pupillo
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Cavity-enhanced transport of excitons
J Schachenmayer, C Genes, E Tignone, G Pupillo
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E Haller, R Hart, MJ Mark, JG Danzl, L Reichsöllner, M Gustavsson, ...
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A Micheli, G Pupillo, HP Büchler, P Zoller
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D Vodola, L Lepori, E Ercolessi, AV Gorshkov, G Pupillo
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Long-range Ising and Kitaev models: phases, correlations and edge modes
D Vodola, L Lepori, E Ercolessi, G Pupillo
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AM Rey, G Pupillo, CW Clark, CJ Williams
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Cavity-enhanced transport of charge
D Hagenmüller, J Schachenmayer, S Schütz, C Genes, G Pupillo
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Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem in an Isolated System of Quantum<? format?> Dipolar Bosons after a Quench
E Khatami, G Pupillo, M Srednicki, M Rigol
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Defect-induced supersolidity with soft-core bosons
F Cinti, T Macrì, W Lechner, G Pupillo, T Pohl
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Supersolid vortex crystals in Rydberg-dressed Bose-Einstein condensates
N Henkel, F Cinti, P Jain, G Pupillo, T Pohl
Physical Review Letters 108 (26), 265301, 2012
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