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Julio César Arce
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Large nondipole effects in the angular distributions of K-shell photoelectrons from molecular nitrogen
O Hemmers, H Wang, P Focke, IA Sellin, DW Lindle, JC Arce, JA Sheehy, ...
Physical review letters 87 (27), 273003, 2001
On the angular distributions of electrons photoejected from fixed-in-space and randomly oriented molecules
PW Langhoff, JC Arce, JA Sheehy, O Hemmers, H Wang, P Focke, ...
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 114, 23-32, 2001
A semiclassical surface hopping formalism for solvent-induced vibrational relaxtion
MF Herman, JC Arce
Chemical physics 183 (2-3), 335-350, 1994
Semiclassical surface‐hopping approximations for the calculation of solvent‐induced vibrational‐relaxation rate constants
JC Arce, MF Herman
The Journal of chemical physics 101 (9), 7520-7527, 1994
Manipulating and imaging the shape of an electronic wave function by magnetotunneling spectroscopy
A Patanè, N Mori, O Makarovsky, L Eaves, ML Zambrano, JC Arce, ...
Physical review letters 105 (23), 236804, 2010
Unification of the conditional probability and semiclassical interpretations for the problem of time in quantum theory
JC Arce
Physical Review A 85 (4), 042108, 2012
Stark-resonance densities of states, eigenfunctions, and lifetimes for electrons in GaAs/(Al, Ga) As quantum wells under strong electric fields: An optical-potential wave …
ML Zambrano, JC Arce
Physical Review B 66 (15), 155340, 2002
Quantum dynamics of the intramolecular vibrational energy redistribution in OCS: From localization to quasi-thermalization
JB Pérez, JC Arce
The Journal of Chemical Physics 148 (21), 2018
Mini‐bandstructure tailoring in π‐conjugated periodic block copolymers using the envelope crystalline‐orbital method
CA Mujica‐Martínez, JC Arce
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 110 (13), 2532-2540, 2010
Quantum states and interband optical spectra in spherical GaAs-(Ga, Al) As quantum dots doped with on-centre shallow donor impurities: a real-time wavepacket propagation method
DF Montaño, JC Arce, N Porras-Montenegro
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 12 (48), 9917, 2000
Excited states and spontaneous transition lifetimes of donor impurities in quantum dots
G Murillo, JC Arce, CA Duque, N Porras‐Montenegro
physica status solidi c 4 (2), 360-362, 2007
Dynamical theory of molecular photoionization: electron ejection kinematics and angular distributions from molecules fixed in space
PW Langhoff, JC Arce, JA Sheehy
Journal of electron spectroscopy and related phenomena 123 (2-3), 117-132, 2002
The role of hyperconjugation in the unusual conformation of thymine: A natural bond orbital analysis
E Rengifo, S Gómez, JC Arce, F Weinhold, A Restrepo
Computational and Theoretical Chemistry 1130, 58-62, 2018
Hardware design of an eigensolver based on the QR method
JE Guerrero-Ramírez, J Velasco-Medina, JC Arce
Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing 82, 125-134, 2015
Potential energy surfaces in atomic structure: The role of Coulomb correlation in the ground state of helium
LD Salas, JC Arce
Physical Review A 95 (2), 022502, 2017
Reversible electron pumping and negative differential resistance in two-step barrier diode under strong terahertz ac field
G Murillo, PA Schulz, JC Arce
Applied Physics Letters 98 (10), 2011
Quantum‐chemical‐aided design of copolymers with tailored bandgaps and effective masses: The role of composition
H Gil‐bernal, ML Zambrano, JC Arce
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 110 (13), 2522-2531, 2010
Molecular architectures based on π-conjugated block copolymers for global quantum computation
CAM Martinez, JC Arce, JH Reina, M Thorwart
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 167 (1), 012061, 2009
Modeling the bandstructures of B-DNA base stacks
E Rengifo, G Murillo, AJ Cesar
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (17), 173703, 2013
Resonant magneto-tunneling through shallow impurity states in double barrier heterostructures
H Paredes Gutierrez, N Porras-Montenegro, JC Arce, A Latgé
Journal of applied physics 95 (9), 4890-4893, 2004
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