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Shoen Kume
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Insulin staining of ES cell progeny from insulin uptake
J Rajagopal, WJ Anderson, S Kume, OI Martinez, DA Melton
Science 299 (5605), 363-363, 2003
Dopamine is a regulator of arousal in the fruit fly
K Kume, S Kume, SK Park, J Hirsh, FR Jackson
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The Xenopus IP3 receptor: structure, function, and localization in oocytes and eggs
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M Ohmuraya, M Hirota, M Araki, N Mizushima, M Matsui, T Mizumoto, ...
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Activation of the G protein Gq/11 through tyrosine phosphorylation of the α subunit
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Calcium waves along the cleavage furrows in cleavage-stage Xenopus embryos and its inhibition by heparin.
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Tissue-specific demethylation in CpG-poor promoters during cellular differentiation
G Nagae, T Isagawa, N Shiraki, T Fujita, S Yamamoto, S Tsutsumi, ...
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Generation of insulin-producing β-like cells from human iPS cells in a defined and completely xeno-free culture system
HM Shahjalal, N Shiraki, D Sakano, K Kikawa, S Ogaki, H Baba, K Kume, ...
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Developmental expression of the inositol 1, 4, 5-trisphosphate receptor and structural changes in the endoplasmic reticulum during oogenesis and meiotic maturation ofXenopus laevis
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Efficient differentiation of embryonic stem cells into hepatic cells in vitro using a feeder-free basement membrane substratum
N Shiraki, T Yamazoe, Z Qin, K Ohgomori, K Mochitate, K Kume, S Kume
PloS one 6 (8), e24228, 2011
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