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Estimation of Hansen solubility parameters using multivariate nonlinear QSPR modeling with COSMO screening charge density moments
G Jarvas, C Quellet, A Dallos
Fluid Phase Equilibria 309 (1), 8-14, 2011
Introducing a new potential figure of merit for evaluating microstructure stability in photovoltaic polymer-fullerene blends
JD Perea, S Langner, M Salvador, B Sanchez-Lengeling, N Li, C Zhang, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (33), 18153-18161, 2017
(Liquid+ liquid) equilibria of (octan-1-ol+ water) at temperatures from 288.15 K to 323.15 K
A Dallos, J Liszi
Journal of chemical thermodynamics 27 (4), 447-448, 1995
Combined computational approach based on density functional theory and artificial neural networks for predicting the solubility parameters of fullerenes
JD Perea, S Langner, M Salvador, J Kontos, G Jarvas, F Winkler, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120 (19), 4431-4438, 2016
Surface characterization of standard cotton fibres and determination of adsorption isotherms of fragrances by IGC
A Kondor, C Quellet, A Dallos
Surface and Interface Analysis 47 (11), 1040-1050, 2015
Volumetric and dielectric properties of the binary liquid systems: 1, 2-dichloroethane+ n-alkanes or+ 2, 2, 4-trimethylpentane
G Hahn, P Svejda, A Dallos
Fluid phase equilibria 86, 293-313, 1993
Field desorption mass spectrometry of large multiply branched saturated hydrocarbons
JH Gross, K Vékey, A Dallos
Journal of mass spectrometry 36 (5), 522-528, 2001
A combinatorial approach for generating candidate molecules with desired properties based on group contribution
F Friedler, LT Fan, L Kalotai, A Dallos
Computers & chemical engineering 22 (6), 809-817, 1998
Temperature dependent surface tension estimation using COSMO-RS sigma moments
A Kondor, G Járvás, J Kontos, A Dallos
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 92 (12), 2867-2872, 2014
Controlling ion transport through nanopores: modeling transistor behavior
E Mádai, B Matejczyk, A Dallos, M Valiskó, D Boda
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (37), 24156-24167, 2018
Structural and energetical characterization of exfoliated kaolinite surfaces
B Zsirka, E Horváth, Z Járvás, A Dallos, É Makó, J Kristóf
Applied Clay Science 124, 54-61, 2016
Adsorption isotherms of some alkyl aromatic hydrocarbons and surface energies on partially dealuminated Y faujasite zeolite by inverse gas chromatography
A Kondor, A Dallos
Journal of Chromatography A 1362, 250-261, 2014
Pair-wise interactions by gas chromatography V. Interaction free enthalpies of solutes with primary chloro-and and bromoalkanes
G Défayes, KS Reddy, A Dallos
Journal of Chromatography A 699 (1-2), 131-154, 1995
Cluster and principal component analysis for Kováts’ retention indices on apolar and polar stationary phases in gas chromatography
A Dallos, HS Ngo, R Kresz, K Héberger
Journal of Chromatography A 1177 (1), 175-182, 2008
Simulation of a model nanopore sensor: Ion competition underlies device behavior
E Mádai, M Valiskó, A Dallos, D Boda
The Journal of Chemical Physics 147 (24), 2017
Pair-wise interactions by gas chromatography: VII. Interaction free enthalpies of solutes with secondary alcohol groups
A Dallos, A Sisak, Z Kulcsár
Journal of Chromatography A 904 (2), 211-242, 2000
Mass spectrometry of very large saturated hydrocarbons
K Ludányi, A Dallos, Z Kühn, K Vékey
Journal of mass spectrometry 34 (4), 264-267, 1999
Enthalpies of absorption and solubility of carbon dioxide in aqueous polyamine solutions
A Dallos, T Altsach, L Kotsis
Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry 65 (2), 419-423, 2001
A novel method for the surface tension estimation of ionic liquids based on COSMO-RS theory
G Járvás, J Kontos, G Babics, A Dallos
Fluid Phase Equilibria 468, 9-17, 2018
(Liquid+ liquid) equilibria of (ethanoic acid+ an alkanol or a ketone or an ester or an aromatic hydrocarbon+ water) at the temperature 293.15 K
F Ratkovics, B Palagyi-Fenyes, E Hajos-Szikszay, A Dallos
The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 23 (9), 859-865, 1991
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