Jonathan Home
Jonathan Home
Professor of Experimental Quantum Information, ETH Zurich
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Complete methods set for scalable ion trap quantum information processing
JP Home, D Hanneke, JD Jost, JM Amini, D Leibfried, DJ Wineland
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Encoding a qubit in a trapped-ion mechanical oscillator
C Flühmann, TL Nguyen, M Marinelli, V Negnevitsky, K Mehta, JP Home
Nature 566 (7745), 513-517, 2019
Coherent diabatic ion transport and separation in a multizone trap array
R Bowler, J Gaebler, Y Lin, TR Tan, D Hanneke, JD Jost, JP Home, ...
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Quantum harmonic oscillator state synthesis by reservoir engineering
D Kienzler, HY Lo, B Keitch, L De Clercq, F Leupold, F Lindenfelser, ...
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Assessing the progress of trapped-ion processors towards fault-tolerant quantum computation
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Isotope-selective photoionization for calcium ion trapping
DM Lucas, A Ramos, JP Home, MJ McDonnell, S Nakayama, JP Stacey, ...
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Integrated optical multi-ion quantum logic
KK Mehta, C Zhang, M Malinowski, TL Nguyen, M Stadler, JP Home
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Entangled mechanical oscillators
JD Jost, JP Home, JM Amini, D Hanneke, R Ozeri, C Langer, JJ Bollinger, ...
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Realization of a programmable two-qubit quantum processor
D Hanneke, JP Home, JD Jost, JM Amini, D Leibfried, DJ Wineland
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Quantum circuits for isometries
R Iten, R Colbeck, I Kukuljan, J Home, M Christandl
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RJ Epstein, S Seidelin, D Leibfried, JH Wesenberg, JJ Bollinger, JM Amini, ...
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Randomized benchmarking of multiqubit gates
JP Gaebler, AM Meier, TR Tan, R Bowler, Y Lin, D Hanneke, JD Jost, ...
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Repeated multi-qubit readout and feedback with a mixed-species trapped-ion register
V Negnevitsky, M Marinelli, KK Mehta, HY Lo, C Flühmann, JP Home
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Fluorescence during Doppler cooling of a single trapped atom
JH Wesenberg, RJ Epstein, D Leibfried, RB Blakestad, J Britton, JP Home, ...
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Normal modes of trapped ions in the presence of anharmonic trap potentials
JP Home, D Hanneke, JD Jost, D Leibfried, DJ Wineland
New Journal of Physics 13 (7), 073026, 2011
Hybrid quantum logic and a test of Bell’s inequality using two different atomic isotopes
CJ Ballance, VM Schäfer, JP Home, DJ Szwer, SC Webster, DTC Allcock, ...
Nature 528 (7582), 384-386, 2015
Deterministic entanglement and tomography of ion–spin qubits
JP Home, MJ McDonnell, DM Lucas, G Imreh, BC Keitch, DJ Szwer, ...
New Journal of Physics 8 (9), 188, 2006
Error correction of a logical grid state qubit by dissipative pumping
B De Neeve, TL Nguyen, T Behrle, JP Home
Nature Physics 18 (3), 296-300, 2022
Observation of quantum interference between separated mechanical oscillator wave packets
D Kienzler, C Flühmann, V Negnevitsky, HY Lo, M Marinelli, D Nadlinger, ...
Physical review letters 116 (14), 140402, 2016
Electrode configurations for fast separation of trapped ions
JP Home, AM Steane
arXiv preprint quant-ph/0411102, 2004
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