Nan Zhu
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Graphene as a conductive additive to enhance the high-rate capabilities of electrospun Li4Ti5O12 for lithium-ion batteries
N Zhu, W Liu, M Xue, Z Xie, D Zhao, M Zhang, J Chen, T Cao
Electrochimica Acta 55 (20), 5813-5818, 2010
Processing of graphene for electrochemical application: noncovalently functionalize graphene sheets with water-soluble electroactive methylene green
H Liu, J Gao, M Xue, N Zhu, M Zhang, T Cao
Langmuir 25 (20), 12006-12010, 2009
Graphene paper doped with chemically compatible Prussian blue nanoparticles as nanohybrid electrocatalyst
N Zhu, S Han, S Gan, J Ulstrup, Q Chi
Advanced Functional Materials 23 (42), 5297-5306, 2013
High-stability monoclinic nickel hexacyanoferrate cathode materials for ultrafast aqueous sodium ion battery
L Shen, Y Jiang, Y Liu, J Ma, T Sun, N Zhu
Chemical Engineering Journal 388, 124228, 2020
Facet-Dependent Cu2O Electrocatalysis for Wearable Enzyme-Free Smart Sensing
Y Jiang, T Xia, L Shen, J Ma, H Ma, T Sun, F Lv, N Zhu
Acs Catalysis 11 (5), 2949-2955, 2021
Directed energy transfer in films of CdSe quantum dots: Beyond the point dipole approximation
K Zheng, K Zidek, M Abdellah, N Zhu, P Chabera, N Lenngren, Q Chi, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (17), 6259-6268, 2014
Transfer printing of metal nanoparticles with controllable dimensions, placement, and reproducible surface-enhanced Raman scattering effects
M Xue, Z Zhang, N Zhu, F Wang, XS Zhao, T Cao
Langmuir 25 (8), 4347-4351, 2009
Li/K mixed superconcentrated aqueous electrolyte enables high-performance hybrid aqueous supercapacitors
W Deng, X Wang, C Liu, C Li, J Chen, N Zhu, R Li, M Xue
Energy Storage Materials 20, 373-379, 2019
Direct measurement and modulation of single-molecule coordinative bonding forces in a transition metal complex
X Hao, N Zhu, T Gschneidtner, EÖ Jonsson, J Zhang, K Moth-Poulsen, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 2121, 2013
Facile wearable vapor/liquid amphibious methanol sensor
Y Jiang, J Ma, J Lv, H Ma, H Xia, J Wang, C Yang, M Xue, G Li, N Zhu
ACS sensors 4 (1), 152-160, 2018
Wearable textile supercapacitors for self-powered enzyme-free smartsensors
T Sun, L Shen, Y Jiang, J Ma, F Lv, H Ma, D Chen, N Zhu
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (19), 21779-21787, 2020
Recent advances of prussian blue-based wearable biosensors for healthcare
Y Jiang, Y Yang, L Shen, J Ma, H Ma, N Zhu
Analytical Chemistry 94 (1), 297-311, 2021
Self‐healing all‐in‐one energy storage for flexible self‐powering ammonia smartsensors
H Ma, F Lv, L Shen, K Yang, Y Jiang, J Ma, X Geng, T Sun, Y Pan, Z Xie, ...
Energy & Environmental Materials 5 (3), 986-995, 2022
Wearable self-powered smart sensors for portable nutrition monitoring
J Ma, L Shen, Y Jiang, H Ma, F Lv, J Liu, Y Su, N Zhu
Analytical Chemistry 94 (4), 2333-2340, 2022
Multifunctional Prussian blue/graphene ink for flexible biosensors and supercapacitors
J Ma, Z Cui, Y Du, Q Xu, Q Deng, N Zhu
Electrochimica Acta 387, 138496, 2021
Sandwiched confinement of quantum dots in graphene matrix for efficient electron transfer and photocurrent production
N Zhu, K Zheng, KJ Karki, M Abdellah, Q Zhu, S Carlson, D Haase, ...
Scientific Reports 5 (1), 9860, 2015
Effect of transverse flow on flame spread and extinction over polyethylene-insulated wires
Y Ma, X Zhang, Y Lu, J Lv, N Zhu, L Hu
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 38 (3), 4727-4735, 2021
Real-time monitoring of heavy metals in healthcare via twistable and washable smartsensors
Y Jiang, S Cui, T Xia, T Sun, H Tan, F Yu, Y Su, S Wu, D Wang, N Zhu
Analytical Chemistry 92 (21), 14536-14541, 2020
Wearable helical molybdenum nitride supercapacitors for self-powered healthcare smartsensors
F Lv, H Ma, L Shen, Y Jiang, T Sun, J Ma, X Geng, A Kiran, N Zhu
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (25), 29780-29787, 2021
Ultrastable organic cathode derived by pigment/rGO for aqueous zinc-ion batteries
X Geng, H Ma, F Lv, K Yang, J Ma, Y Jiang, Q Liu, D Chen, Y Jiang, N Zhu
Chemical Engineering Journal 446, 137289, 2022
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